School Day Random Acts of Kindness

By Editorial Team


One of the strategies to raise kind kids is to teach them how to always be looking for ways to spread kindness around like confetti. Kindness is an art that when practiced on a daily basis will paint the world with beautiful colors of love. In a culture full of negativity and meanness, our kids can be ambassadors of goodness if they learn to look for ways to be others-focused.

Challenge your kids to share random acts of kindness throughout the day this school year. Print out the School Day Random Acts of Kindness checklist below and see how many kind things you can do!

School Day Random Acts of Kindness

On the Bus

1. Look your driver in the eye and say, “Thank you for driving us to school!”

2. Give your seat up for someone else.

3. Invite a child you don’t know to sit with you.

4. Stick up for a friend in a sticky situation.

5. Pick up trash and throw it away when you leave the bus.

In the Classroom

6. Find out your teacher’s favorite treat and surprise her/him with it on an ordinary day.

7. Cheer on a friend who’s having a hard time with an assignment.

8. Take notice and offer to help with something that needs to be cleaned or put away.

9. Say, “Thank you!” to your teacher and let her/him know you appreciate what they do.

10. Compliment a friend on her/his outfit, hair, or on their school project.

At Recess

11. Play whatever your friends want to play; no arguments, no questions asked.

12. Offer to pick up games/sports equipment when it’s time to go back inside.

13. Look for someone who needs a friend and invite her/him to play.

14. Give up the swing or monkey bars for someone else.

15. Encourage a friend to try something new and cheer her/him on as they do.

In the Lunchroom

16. Look your lunch lady in the eyes and say, “Thank you for all you do!”

17. Clean up your trash and any trash left at your table or on the floor.

18. Share your favorite lunch item with a friend.

19. Invite a new friend to sit with you.

20. Help someone by holding the door or trash can open, especially if their hands are full!

After School

21. Check-in and encourage a friend after a rough day.

22. Write a thank-you note to a school staff person who may not get thanked often.

23. Wait for the new kid (or someone who needs a friend) to get off the bus and walk them home.

24. Offer to help a friend with their homework. (But never do it for them!)

25. Say a prayer for the friends, teachers, and school staff that make your learning experience so amazing!


Download a printable of these School Day Random Acts of Kindness and see how many your child can do this week!