RBG Podcast: Sarah Bragg Interview

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Raising Boys and Girls Podcast: Intentional Conversations

with Sarah Bragg

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The Raising Boys & Girls podcast is bringing you Intentional Conversations from parents and experts in the trenches! Join Sissy Goff and David Thomas this week as they talk with the original RBG podcast host, author, and mom of two, Sarah Bragg on growing through motherhood.

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Helpful Insights from this Episode

Surviving Sarah Podcast

Brene Brown

Guiding Principles as a Parent:

Keep the end in mind. Think about who your kids are becoming. This helps you make decisions not out of fear, but out of hope.

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Don’t add any unnecessary shame to them. 

Help them reshape how they talk about themselves. 

You can only love your neighbor as much as you love yourself. The more you take care of yourself, the more you’ll be able to show up for others.

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Curiosity removes judgment. The more curiosity we have about people, the more empathy we’ll have. 

Ask questions and assume the best.

What would you want to say to yourself as a new mom?

This is gonna be hard. But you can do it. Hard doesn’t equal wrong and easy doesn’t equal right. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you aren’t supposed to be a mom.

Shift from a fixed to a growth mindset with your kids. The challenges at this stage do not define who they’ll be when they grow.

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What are the kids teaching you lately?

Courage and Resilience

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