Raising Boys and Girls Podcast: S4, E19 Annie F. Downs Interview

Annie F. Downs - Raising Boys and Girls: The Art of Understanding Their Differences; Member Book

Join Sissy Goff and David Thomas as they chat with podcast host and author, Annie F. Downs on being brave and having fun!

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Annie F. Downs Interview

The longer part of the story is worth what the shorter part of the story costs. Just a little bit longer than the suffering is the joy. Annie Downs

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Every kid needs grownups besides their parents speaking truth into their lives.

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Parents think single people don’t want to spend time with their kids and single people think families don’t want to spend time with them. Just ask. Invite people in.

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How can we get more fun in our lives, especially for parents?

The gift of the pandemic is that we’ve learned that fun can be cheap, local, and really available.

If you can’t find fun, put it on your calendar.

When we stop expecting fun to rescue us, it can simply become a rhythm in our lives. Annie Downs

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What Sounds Fun?

What Sounds Fun to You?

To really understand what sounds fun to someone, ask them why? three times. That’s how long it takes to get to the root of their “why.”

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100 Days to Brave for Kids

100 Days to Brave

What Sounds Fun to You? (A That Sounds Fun Book for Kids) - That Sounds Fun: The Joys of Being an Amateur, the Power of Falling in Love, and Why You Need a Hobby

What Sounds Fun to You?

That Sounds Fun

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Courage is caught and taught. We can teach kids how to be brave. Annie Downs

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What is one vintage value you think kids are struggling with and how can we help them with it?

We need some vintage boredom again! 

There is something to be said about what happens in a child’s brain when they are bored.

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What is something from your childhood you’d like to bring back?

Warm dinner that was just ready for you. Having nothing big to worry about.

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What is a favorite book or band from your childhood?

Starring Sally J Friedman as Herself

Harriet the Spy

The Eagles

Fraggle Rock

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