Raising Boys and Girls Podcast: S4, E35 What Kids Want Parents to Know Right Now with Olivia and Alena Pitts

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Wondering what your kids need from you right now? Join Sissy and David as they talk with authors, speakers, and teenagers, Olivia and Alena Pitts about what kids want you to know but may be afraid to share.

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For Girls Like You

Alena Pitts – 18

Olivia Pitts – 13

What is one thing that is harder about growing up today than it’s ever been before?

Olivia – the world is really different . . . the pandemic, different worldviews

Alena – technology, things are confused, balancing complex views because nothing is black and white

How do you feel the pandemic has impacted kids?

Anxiety that shows up at school

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What can parents do to have conversations with their kids to help them figure out the complexity of life?

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Parents can help kids process the complexity of life today by being open to conversations so kids don’t feel the need to hide their feelings. Olivia Pitts

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If kids don’t hear it from their parents, they are going to hear it from someone else. Alena Pitts

There is a beauty to humility in parenting. To be honest about your fears and be open to discussion.

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What do parents need to know about what it’s like to be a teenager right now?

Alena – it’s isolating because you can do everything on your own from your own room.

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There is a plague of loneliness among teenagers. Build a strong family to make sure there is no loneliness in the house. Alena Pitts

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What do you need most right now from the grown ups that love you?

To know that they see me, hear me, know me, love me. Olivia Pitts

Pursuit. Not overbearing pursuit.

Slow to speak, eager to listen.

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What does it look like to be “pursued” as a daughter?

Making time

Daddy dates

What do you want girls to know right now?

You are loved.

Someone sees you. Someone understands you and what you’re going through.

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What has really helped you grow in your faith through the years?

Family talks

Hearing personal stories and different perspectives

My father leads his house in a Christian manner but he’s given us the freedom to have responsibility for our own faith and to choose what we believe.

My father releasing control has made me more interested in God than when he was in control.

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Do you think there is anything that’s made you search for God instead of running from Him?

I have tried other things but it wasn’t fulfilling. Alena 

What your parents instill in you doesn’t just go away.

We were created with a longing that is beyond ourselves and that longing has drawn me to Him. Alena Pitts

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There are so many voices in the world today and it’s easy for them to compete with each other. What would you say makes you want to hear and follow God’s voice over others?

I want to have an earnest faith like Hannah. So I just started praying everyday that God would give me a “want” for Him. Olivia

The older a teen gets the scarier life gets and the more we realize we need to tune into the right voices.

My dad has limited the voices allowed in our home which has tuned our ears to the voices we need to hear. Alena Pitts

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What is something your parents have done over the years to help you get along with each other?

They would set a timer until we made up from a fight which helped us to resolve conflict.

Everyone else will fail you but your sibling will always be there.

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