Raising Boys and Girls Podcast: S4, E25 Jenny Black Interview

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Join Sissy Goff and David Thomas as they chat with mom, media trauma therapist, Jenny Black about ways to cultivate a healthy relationship with technology.

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Jenny Black Interview

Media Trauma Care

Taming the Technology Monster by Sissy Goff

Gabb Wireless Phone

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Parents want to manage their kids’ phone use but they have to first manage their own. Jenny Black

Kids would rather interact with a real person but too often no one is paying attention. Jenny Black

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What would you say is the effect technology is having on kids?

They are scattered and distracted.

A device can cause a disorganized attachment style.

The phone is not looking out for the people that are on it.

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What are your top guidelines you want parents to know around technology?

  • Parents, deal with your own phone management first. Have your phone away when your kids are present.
  • Give your kids a safe place to process what they experience through media.
  • Wait as long as possible to give them a device.

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What do you see kids experiencing because of social media and how would encourage parents in that?

Digital spaces cannot nourish human development. Jenny Black

You cannot assess how to manage social media until your real, human needs are met. Jenny Black

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What is something you wish were true today from when you were growing up?

Freedom to play unmonitored

What is something you loved when you were a kid?

Amy Grant

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