Raising Boys and Girls Podcast Partnership with Minno

By Editorial Team

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We are beyond thrilled to announce a partnership between Minno and the Raising Boys and Girls team to bring you the next season of the Raising Boys and Girls podcast

You may already be familiar with this resource for parents because of the amazing work of Sarah Bragg, conversation-facilitator extraordinaire who hosted Seasons 1 and 2 with David and Sissy. We’re switching things up a bit for our next season but be sure to stay connected to Sarah because she has two books coming out next year that you won’t want to miss!


Why a Podcast on Minno?

As Minno grows, we want to be a partner for Christian parents beyond what we do to help families make screen time meaningful. We want to link arms with like-minded experts in all areas of family and parenting. The team at Daystar Counseling Ministries are highly-respected voices with over 75 years of collected experience with kids and families.

Busy parents consume content in a variety of ways and Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the top forms of communication to moms and dads. The name Minno reflects the abiding life that Jesus calls us to live in John 15. Minno Life, and with it, the Raising Boys and Girls podcast, helps families live connected—to each other, to God, and to intentional wisdom that will help them thrive.

. . . . . . . . . .

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We have a very exciting Season 3 coming your way soon but in the meantime, Sissy, David, and Melissa had a few things they wanted to share with you first. Stay tuned for conversations around how to help the kids we love through the pandemic, how to create more gratitude and ward off entitlement through the holidays, plus new hope for a New Year 🎉

Make sure you subscribe to the podcast so you never miss an episode. We know they are going to be so helpful for you and your family! 

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And be sure to stay connected right here on Minno Life for show notes with links, quotes, and helpful takeaways from every episode.