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Being Consistent Parent with Dr. Tina Payne Bryson

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The Raising Boys & Girls podcast is here to help you start 2021 with intention! Join Sissy Goff and David Thomas this week as they talk with best-selling author and mom, Dr. Tina Payne Bryson about consistent practices that help in parenting.

Helpful Insights, Questions to Ask, and Bible Verses to Read

We put so much pressure on ourselves but we need to trust our child’s natural development.

Most of the little things we worry about don’t matter. What matters most is your relationship with your child.


Consistent Practices for Parents of Babies/Toddlers

1. Delight in your child. It doesn’t have to be all the time. But find a few moments every day to truly delight in them.

2. Take care of yourself.

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Provide consistent, predictable, sensitive care.


Surprising discoveries Dr. Bryson made in her research:

  • Expose your young child to allergens early.
  • The more germs your kids are exposed to can reduce things like eczema, allergies, etc.
  • 95% of car seats are misused.
  • Extended pacifier use (beyond age 2) in boys could lead to reduced emotional intelligence.

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What we do matters. Our child’s brain is built upon the repeated experiences they are given.

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Instead of focusing on the behavior itself, we need to understand the why behind the behavior.

A parent’s job as a disciplinarian is to be a teacher, coach, and skill builder.

Instead of doing something TO your child (consequence) think about what you can do FOR your child (coaching) to help them build the skills they need.

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Behavior is communication. A child’s behavior is telling you what skills they need to build.


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In the midst of tantrums or tough situations, ask yourself: Am I ready to teach right now? Is my child ready to learn?

Dr. Tina Bryson’s guiding parenting principles with her own kids: 

The Four S’s of Secure Attachment 

Make sure your child feels . . .





We can trust our child’s natural development to unfold.

Dr. Michael Thomspon, author – It’s a Boy

Consistent Practices:

Unpredictability activates a sense of threat and danger in our nervous system. 

1. Create a predictable rhythm for your family. Consistency helps our nervous system feel safer which frees us up to be curious, engaged, and relational. 


2. Exercise

3. Practice Self-care/“Me” time

What are your kids teaching you?

To try to understand complexity and be a more critical thinker about complex issues and ideas.

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It’s a Boy, Dr. Michael Thomspon 

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