Raising Boys and Girls Podcast: S4, E2 Technology Show Notes

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The Raising Boys and Girls podcast is back for Season 4 with topics and guests that will inspire you along your journey of raising kids in today’s world. Join Sissy Goff and David Thomas this week as they revisit the ever-present topic of technology with help and hope for managing screentime and devices in your family.

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Our Favorite Technology Memes:

Daughter: Alexa, play Let it Go.

Me: When I was your age I had to 

call the radio station, wait on hold 

for 30 minutes to request a song, 

then sit by my boom box for an hour 

with a blank cassette tape so I could record it.

Daughter: I don’t know what that means.


I don’t know how to use Tik Tok

but I can write in cursive,

do long division

and tell time on clocks with hands 

. . . so there’s that. 

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The number one question we get about technology is: when?

When it comes to technology, you don’t want your child to be the first and you don’t want them to be the last. Sissy Goff

Teach your kids how to responsibly use technology while they are under your roof. Sissy Goff

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Use a training wheels approach and gradually introduce your kids to technology. David Thomas

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Your kids are going to make mistakes with technology. When that happens, pull the rope back in.

Wherever your kids are on technology, you need to be there too. Sissy Goff

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Our Favorite Technology Management Tools:

Teen Safe



Intentional Practices:

Parent in community so you have automatic backup. Choose together when your kids will get to have their first device or social media, etc.

Revisit and re-evaluate your technology contract.

(Link to technology contract.)

Clear, concrete, concise.

Revisit every time your child enters a new stage of development or to celebrate their responsibility.

Use it to your advantage.

Technology is a great leverage. 

Use it as a way to connect with your child.

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