5 End of the Year Prayers for Your Child’s Teacher

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Summer is coming soon, and if your children are school-age, thoughts quickly turn to vacation and carefree days! How often at this time of year do we think of our children’s teachers?

Remembering them with gifts at Christmas and for teacher appreciation is so thoughtful! But what about remembering them by praying for them?

Specific prayers for our children’s teachers, whether they teach in a public or private school environment, can be amazingly beneficial, sometimes in ways we won’t expect! I love the way the King James translates James 5:16:

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

Not only do our prayers surround the teachers themselves with encouragement, but being intentional (fervent) about it reminds us as parents that what goes on in our children’s classroom is a very important part of their lives, so it’s valuable to be covering it in prayer!

I hope you’ll pray over your children’s teachers even if you are not sure whether or not they are Christians. And through these prayers, I hope you’ll find your own heart will be softened toward any struggles or potentially difficult teacher/parent situations that may arise.


Here are five specific and effective prayers for your children’s teachers:

1. Give thanks for your child’s teacher and that they have been placed in that classroom. Thank the Lord for your children’s future teachers and pray that God will prepare that teacher for the year to come.

2. Pray that your children’s teachers will be strong and encouraging leaders who live by their convictions. In any environment, it can be difficult not to get caught up in “workplace drama” or ungodly behavior. Pray the Lord’s protection over their hearts and lives, especially their family life.

3. Ask God to open the hearts of any teacher who may not be walking with Him and ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen any who may be struggling in their faith. Pray that the Lord will allow Christian teachers to have a good witness and testimony to their co-workers, whether in a private or secular environment.

4. Pray for strength and “summer rest” for your children’s teachers and administration. Something a teacher friend shared with me was the reality that though teachers are home with their own kids during the summer, they often have work to do as the next school year draws near. Pray that your children’s teachers would truly be able to enjoy their time off and rest up mentally and physically for the year ahead.

5. Ask that God would provide teachers with encouragers to come alongside them, for patience to handle difficult classroom situations and for a loving heart toward the children they are teaching. As a mom I completely understand that some days with kids can be harder than others! Being a teacher involves a lot of patience and perseverance in trying times. Teaching involves having a calm and kind spirit when handling misunderstandings with parents or administration. It is truly a calling, so pray that the Lord would help your children’s teachers press on in this important and influential career!

As you’re praying for your child’s teacher, why not ask your children to join you!

Include Sunday school and Bible teachers in your prayers too. And then wait expectantly to see how God shows His faithfulness in your children’s school situation and through their teachers for His glory! The results of fervent prayers will be of great eternal value.

Originally published on April 27, 2017