New Testament 60 Second Bible Stories Episodes Now on Minno


What if we told you that your kids can learn to re-tell life-changing Bible stories in just 60 seconds? Wouldn’t it be amazing to hear your children tell the stories of Joseph or Moses or Jesus’ miracles in the time it takes to brush their teeth?! 

While the makers of 60 Second Bible Stories probably weren’t thinking about how to tell tooth-brushing Bible stories when they created the show, they did do an incredible job condensing big Bible stories into bite-sized bits with fun animation and narration to get kids thinking and remembering God’s story.

60 Second Bible Stories has been a popular show on Minno for years and recently appeared in our Old Testament Church at Home series. This week we’re adding more episodes covering stories of Jesus and the New Testament!

New 60 Second Bible Stories Episodes

The Birth of Jesus

The Baptism of Jesus

Fishers of Men

Feeding the 5000

60 Second Bible Stories Series Details

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A Sneak Peek at the new 60 Second Bible Stories Episodes Available to Watch Now


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