New Preschool Show on Minno: Guitar and Drum

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Animated series - Drum

New on Minno, the preschool show, Guitar and Drum follows the adventures of two musical instruments who are also best friends. The series celebrates uniqueness as an essential part of who we are through a wide range of characters. It addresses culture, personal abilities, tastes, and shows how our differences can empower us to build a better world.

Guitar and Drum Series Details

  • Recommended Age: Preschool
  • Episode Length: 5 Minutes
  • Format: Animated
  • Episodes Available Now: 25
  • Character and Values Focus: Yes
  • Bible Tie In: No

Why your kids will love Guitar and Drum . . . 

  • The characters are fun and loveable!
  • Each episode shares the friends participating in a fun activity.
  • They’ll learn the importance of friendship and the value of uniqueness.

Guitar Amp - Guitar

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Guitar and Drum Episodes Available to Watch Now on Minno

Episode 1: Everybody Dance Now!

Theme: Self-esteem: Be yourself

Synopsis: It’s dance time! Everybody is ready to dance, except Mikey, who doesn’t seem to know how to follow his friends’ dance steps. What if he tries to create his own dance?

Episode 2: Pineapple’s Birthday

Theme: Different cultures and traditions

Synopsis: Pineapple and her friends learn and teach each other about different birthday traditions.

Episode 3: Let’s Build a House!

Theme: There’s a place for everyone

Synopsis: Guitar and her friends discover different types of houses in an old album!

Episode 4: The Poetry Recital

Theme: There are different languages in the world!

Synopsis: Guitar and drum organize a poetry recital! But wait, one of the poems doesn’t seem to make sense. What did she say?

Episode 5: Why is Trumpetine Crying?

Theme: Empathy and understanding others

Synopsis: When Trumpet’s little sister, Trumpetine, won’t stop crying, Guitar and Drum try to cheer her up. The only problem is, nobody can figure out why she’s crying!

Episode 6: Chocolate or Vanilla?

Theme: Everyone has different tastes

Synopsis: Guitar and Keyboard can’t agree on which flavor of ice cream is the best. They’ll need the help of their friends to settle this important question once and for all: Chocolate or Vanilla?

Episode 7: It’s My Turn!

Theme: Respecting others, waiting for your turn

Synopsis: During a music rehearsal, Mikey has a hard time waiting for his turn to sing. But if he keeps interrupting, they’ll never finish their song!

Episode 8: The Spring Festival

Theme: Accepting help

Synopsis: Guitar is super excited!! It’s finally the day of the Spring Festival, and she’s in charge of setting it up. But with time running out and so much to do, things start to get a little out of control . . . 

Episode 9 – Rainy Day

Theme: Adjusting expectations

Synopsis: Guitar and her friends are ready for a delicious picnic! But wait, it’s raining outside! Guitar is determined to have her picnic no matter what. What will they do now?

Episode 10: Ukulele’s New Scooter

Theme: Overcoming your fears

Synopsis: Ukulele has a brand new scooter, the only problem is he doesn’t know how to ride it! Guitar and Drum help their friend Ukulele face his fears and learn to ride a scooter, at his own pace.

Episode 11: The Skating Festival

Theme: Dealing with pressure

Synopsis: It’s time to find out who’s the best skater! Well, in fact, everyone knows it’s Drum! But such high expectations make him very nervous . . .

Episode 12: I’m Sorry

Theme: Empathy: Learning to apologize

Synopsis: Guitar and Drum have an argument and don’t want to play together anymore. But they soon realize it’s better to say you’re sorry. 

Episode 13: The Picnic

Theme: Sharing is important

Synopsis: It’s picnic time! But Pineapple didn’t bring anything to eat . . . Looks like her friends have the solution: sharing!

Episode 14: Lost in the Forest

Theme: Listening to others

Synopsis: Guitar, Drum, and Tambourine get lost in the forest! Guitar and Drum are busy trying to find their way back, but Tambourine won’t stop talking . . . 

Episode 15: Boo!

Theme: Respecting others, asking for permission to play

Synopsis: Trumpet and Trumpetine have fun scaring each other! However, things don’t go as expected when they decide to scare their friends.

Episode 16: The Blanket

Theme: Different points of view

Synopsis: For some, a simple blanket can become a puppet, a hair accessory, or even a superhero cape! 

Episode 17: The Photoshoot

Theme: Uniqueness

Synopsis: Drum just got a new camera! He wants to take a picture with all his friends. But how can they fit in the picture if they are all different shapes and sizes?

Episode 18: Drum is Sick

Theme: Empathy, taking care of others

Synopsis: Guitar wants to go to the beach! But Drum isn’t feeling so good . . . What should she do? 

Episode 19: The Egg Rattles

Theme: Respecting others, sharing common spaces

Synopsis: Guitar and her friends want to play on the playground, but all the games are taken by the egg rattles. What can they do?

Episode 20: Bedtime!

Theme: Respecting others

Synopsis: It’s night time and Guitar and Drum are trying to sleep, but someone keeps making noise! How can they go to sleep?

Episode 21: The Drawing

Theme: Different points of view

Synopsis: Since it’s raining and they can’t go outside, Guitar and her friends decide to spend the afternoon drawing.

Episode 22: Guitar’s Birthday

Theme: Empathy and understanding others 

Synopsis: Drum and his friends organize a surprise birthday party for Guitar! But what kind of cake should they get her?

Episode 23: What Did You Say?

Theme: Different ways to communicate

Synopsis: Xylophone just met Drum! But he can’t understand anything Drum’s saying . . . How can they communicate?

Episode 24: To the Rescue!

Theme: Self-care, resting is important

Synopsis: Drum stays up late reading Super Otama comics! The next day, Guitar wants to play with him but Drum looks a little tired . . .

Episode 25: The Puppet Show

Theme: Recognizing different emotions

Synopsis: Guitar and Drum are rehearsing for their puppet show. But the puppets need different expressions to show how they feel.

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