New Show on Minno: Jungle Beat Munki and Trunk

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Animation - Cartoon

You may already know (and be in love with) them from our hit show, Jungle Beat . . . this week we are thrilled to welcome Munki and Trunk with their own show on Minno! Join these sweet friends as they work together to overcome obstacles in their wild world and learn about friendship and teamwork!

Jungle Beat: Munki and Trunk Series Details

  • Recommended Age: Elementary School
  • Episode Length: 5 Minutes
  • Format: Animated, Non-verbal
  • Episodes Available Now: 13
  • Character and Values Focus: Yes
  • Bible Tie In: No
  • Free Download: Jungle Beat Coloring Pages

Why your kids will love Jungle Beat: Munki and Trunk

  • They’ll laugh along as Munki and Trunk struggle to solve problems together.
  • They’ll see that teamwork with friends makes us stronger.
  • And that together we can do more than we can alone.

. . . . . . . . . .

Jungle Beat: Munki and Trunk Episodes Available to Watch Now on Minno

Episode 1: Queen Of The Swingers 

Munki and Trunk spot some delicious fruit in the distance and run through the jungle to get it. The journey is easy for Munki because he can swing from vines, but Trunk has a much harder time. She wants to learn how to swing too, and Munki wants to teach her, but getting an elephant to swing from a vine requires some very special motivation.

Episode 2: Prickly Situation 

Munki and Trunk find some delicious-smelling prickly pears, but they’re surrounded by spiky cacti. They try stretching their hands (and trunk) through the cacti, but they can’t quite reach. Munki and Trunk need to use some ingenuity—and a very enthusiastic rhinoceros—to get the delicious fruit.

Episode 3: Sweet Mayhem 

Munki has a sore throat, and Trunk promises to get him something to soothe it. She discovers some honey that has dripped out of the beehive. It’s perfect for Munki, and he needs more, but the rest of the honey is in the hive at the top of a tall tree. Trunk goes to ridiculous lengths—and flies to ridiculous heights—to help her friend.

Episode 4: Walk this Way 

Trunk’s loud footsteps cause trouble in the jungle. She finally decides to keep completely still, but it’s impossible when Munki is eating delicious fruit nearby. Trunk jumps for the fruit, and causes a stir, threatening all the animals. But only Trunk’s ground-shaking run can save the day.

Episode 5: Bloomin Emergency 

Trunk’s flower is her most cherished possession, but Munki accidentally crushes it with a flying coconut. He desperately searches the jungle for a replacement before Trunk gets home, but all the suitable flowers are guarded by bees, or by Humph, or are part of a giant venus fly-trap. How far can Munki go to help his friend? 

Episode 6: I Would Walk 500 Miles 

When a game of catch goes wrong, Munki is sent flying to Antarctica. He starts the long journey back home and meets some strange new friends on the way. Meanwhile, Trunk crosses canyons, deserts and seas, searching for her missing friend. They finally reunite on a desert island in the middle of the ocean. They’re halfway around the world—how do they get home?

Episode 7: Home Improvement 

While the Ostrich family is having a swim at the river, Munki, Trunk, and Rocky play fetch and accidentally destroy their nest. They try to rebuild it, but they quickly get carried away in an over-elaborate construction project. Just before the ostriches return, the new mega-nest collapses. They need to fix their mess, and fast!

Episode 8: Is It a Monster? 

It’s nighttime in the jungle. The animals are trying to sleep, but a series of mysterious noises keeps them awake. Giraffe is scared. Is it a monster? No! Rocky the rhino is sleep-walking and crashing his way through the jungle. It wouldn’t be a problem if he wasn’t heading towards the sleeping Humph’s precious lawn . . .

Episode 9: Hiccup Line 

Trunk gets the hiccups, and Munki tries to help her find a cure. They try traditional remedies: Trunk holds her breath and drinks upside-down, but it only makes things worse. 

Episode 10: Adventures in Babysitting

Mama Ostrich asks Munki and Trunk to babysit her eggs. Munki thinks it’s going to be an easy job. But the eggs are escape artists, and they’re soon leading Munki and Trunk on a high-speed chase through the jungle, causing chaos and heading towards every kind of disaster. To babysit these eggs, Munki and Trunk are going to need a lot more than a lullaby! 

Episode 11: A New Home 

Munki and Trunk accidentally dislodge the beehive, and it ends up stuck in the branches of their tree. The bees swarm to protect their home, so Munki and Trunk have to find another place to live. They search the jungle for a suitable replacement tree—but there’s no place like home. 

Episode 12: Holey Moley 

Rocky loves nothing in this world more than a stick! He buries one by the waterhole, but the next morning he forgets where it is and goes into a digging frenzy to find it. Munki and Trunk try bringing Rocky other sticks, but he won’t be distracted. He digs so many holes that he creates a huge maze, and Munki and Trunk get trapped inside. 

Episode 13: Hot Stuff

It’s a crazy hot day. Munki and Trunk do everything they can to cool down, but the river and the water hole dry up, and Trunk gets encased in quick-drying mud. Through a series of misadventures, they end up on a nearby snow-capped peak and manage to pull a whole weather system down to cool the forest. 

. . . . . . . . . .

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