How to Create a Minno Summer Playlist for Your Kids

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Family - Parent

Looking for laid-back, rainy day, or road trip activities for your family? Here’s how to create a summer playlist for kids on Minno.

Summer is here! School is out (or almost!) and while the sunshine, swimming pool, and other adventures await you outdoors, everyone needs a plan for rainy days, quiet time, and those moments when you just need to plop in front of the TV with a popsicle and cool down. That’s where a Minno custom playlist comes in to ensure your kids are watching the best shows available that you know you can trust. Here’s how to create your own Minno playlist this summer:

How to Create a Summer Playlist for Kids on Minno

1. Subscribe to Minno

Join thousands of Christian families who already subscribe and start streaming or downloading our shows and devotionals! New Minno families get their first 7 days for free. Sign up here. 

2. Browse Shows

Minno has over 100 shows and thousands of hours of content you and your kids will love. Spend some time scrolling through the shows, and make sure you check out the curated lists for preschool, elementary, tweens, worship, and more!

3. Add Shows to Your “Watch List”

When you find a show you want to add to your playlist, click the button that says “Watch Later” or “Add to Watchlist.” That will add the show to your playlist automatically!

4. Enjoy Your Curated Play List!

Now every time you log in to Minno online or on your Minno app, your Watchlist will pop up at the top with all your favorite shows. It’s so easy for you and your kids to navigate to the shows you’ve chosen just for them!

. . . . . . . . . .

The Best Christian Shows for Kids of All Ages

Have kids of different age groups? Put all of their favorites in your family Watchlist or use our curated age lists. Here are a few favorites to get you started:

Preschool Shows on Minno


Pins and Nettie

Guitar and Drum


Elementary Shows on Minno

Laugh and Grow Bible

Jungle Beat

Micah’s Super Vlog

Making Stuff

Tween Shows on Minno



Ryan Defrates

The Finders