Minno 5 Minute Family Devotionals

By Editorial Team


Minno’s 5 Minute Family Devotionals series offers parents a simple way to engage kids in faith-building conversations at home or on the go. Available in the Minno App, these short video devotions include a 2-5 minute clip from beloved Bible-based shows (such as What’s In The Bible? and Micah’s Super Vlog) along with conversation and prayer starters to help you connect with your kids as you teach them about God and the Bible. We’ve got over 100 family devotional episodes to help you grow together!

How Does It Work:

STEP 1: Choose your 5 Minute Family Devotional series. We’ve got 10 series and over 100 episodes featuring beloved Minno characters!

STEP 2: Set aside 5-10 minutes a day (or even once a week) to gather as a family and learn together.

STEP 3: Press PLAY.

STEP 4: After watching a short clip, PAUSE the video and talk about what you learned using the on-screen questions provided.

STEP 5: Using the prompt provided, PRAY together for God to help you live out what you just learned.

Minno 5 Minute Family Devotional Library:

Organism - Comics

Holy Moly: Women of the Bible

Episodes: 8

Jungle Beat 5MFD.jpg

Jungle Beat

Episodes: 10

Free Download: Jungle Beat Coloring Pages


Yancy’s Little Praise Party

Episodes: 10


Fruit of the Spirit

Episodes: 9

Free Download: Micah’s Super Vlog Activity Pack


Old Testament Heroes

Episodes: 25

Free Download: Old Testament Heroes Activity Pack


Big Questions About Christmas

Episodes: 12

Free Download: Christmas Coloring Pack


60 Second Bible Stories (Old Testament)

Episodes: 10


Character Quest

Episodes: 12


Easter Week

Episodes: 8

Free Download: Easter Coloring Pack


Jesus: Messiah, Teacher, King

Episodes: 16

Free Download: Jesus Coloring Pack

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