Micah’s Super Vlog Show Guide: Featuring New Episodes

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Here is your complete show guide for all of the episodes of Micah’s Super Vlog you can stream on Minno including a few brand-new episodes!

Micah’s Super Vlog Show Guide

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Micah’s Super Vlog


Gabe’s Donut Dilemma NEWIt’s donut time for Micah and his friends! When Gabe starts comparing what he has with what others have, he learns to be thankful; to look at the donut and not the hole.

Show and Smell NEW – When Show and Tell doesn’t turn out the way Micah planned, his class status drops to an all-time low. Just when he thinks things can’t get any worse, life gets really stinky before Micah learns that God’s love is the only acceptance he needs.

Introducing Micah’s Super Vlog – Meet Micah and his best friends Armin and Lydia – and join them in their adventures in Micah’s Super Vlog!

Let’s Talk About EasterBunnies? Chocolate? Eggs? What is Easter all about anyway? Micah, Armin, and Lydia share with Gabe how Easter is really all about how God loves us.

Micah Superstar – When Micah finds himself cast as the ’star’ of Mrs. Petunia’s upcoming school play, his popularity is at an all-time high, but as events unfold he learns the hard way that pride comes before a fall.

Nebby Rap – In a follow up to Micah Superstar, Micah and the gang go musical! Sing-along as the Micah’s Super Vlog crew rap about pride through the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and their run-in with a distinctly Chet-like King Nebuchadnezzar.

Uber Jealous – Micah’s envy gets the best of him after his classmate Hanz flaunts his cool new robot.

Dennis Raps About Sandwiches – From grilled cheese to meatloaf – Dennis raps about some of his favorite sandwiches!

Merry Christmas – Micah, Armin, and Lydia celebrate the real reason for the season – Jesus! And Micah shares a gift with his friends too.

Mr. Kleeny-Bot – Mr. Kleeny-bot cleans up most situations. Order Now!

Micah’s Mailbag 1 What’s Micah’s favorite Bible Story? Learn what it is . . . and if Gabe can fit 100 marshmallows in his mouth?!

Micah’s Mailbag 2Who is Micah’s best friend? Lydia? Armin? In this episode of Micah’s Mailbag, learn who it is . . . and whether Micah would rather be a sock or a chair?!

Micah’s Mailbag 3What’s Micah’s favorite Bible verse? Find out what it is and check out some fan art!

Micah’s Mailbag 4 NEWWhat is Micah’s favorite food? In this episode of Micah’s Mailbag, learn what Micah loves to eat and what we need even more than food to make us healthy and whole!

Micah’s Mailbag 5 NEWWho is Micah’s favorite teacher? Mr. Turtell? Ms. Petunia? In this episode of Micah’s Mailing, learn Micah’s favorite teacher and school subject and the real reason it’s important to work hard at everything we do!

It’s a Long Way Down – Gabe learns a valuable lesson about gravity and what really saves you! Based on John 14:6 – Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

The Prayer SongWhy would you talk to God about a sardine sandwich?! Gabe finds out how easy it is to pray with the help of his friends and Ephesians 6:18.


Micah’s Super Vlog: The Armor of God


Belt of Truth – When faced with a lie about his identity, Micah has two choices: will he believe it or fight back with the Belt of Truth?

Chestplate of Righteousness – Micah discovers the importance of suiting up and using the Chestplate of Righteousness when Chet, the school bully, pressures him to do something he knows isn’t right.

Boots of Peace – After Micah’s backpack goes missing and he gets stuck playing The Lonely Ravioli, his troubles become too much to bare without the Boots of Peace!

Shield of Faith – While Lydia and Armin help Micah study for a test he forgot about during lunch, Hanz disguises himself as Mr. Turtell and tries to trick Micah by giving him answers to the test. Will he give in to the temptation to cheat or suit up with the Shield of Faith?

Helmet of Salvation – PB and Jane plant thoughts in Micah’s mind that make him wonder if he’ll be able to pass his test. Will he listen to those thoughts and give up or remember God’s truth with the Helmet of Salvation?

Sword of the Spirit – After all of his failed attempts to ruin Micah’s day, Hanz activates his butler robot to start a fight with Micah. Micah must overcome his anger by suiting up with the final piece of the Armor of God – the Sword of the Spirit.

Armor of God Music Video – Sing-along to Micah’s Super Vlog – Armor of God’s theme song, and remember to suit up to face the devil’s schemes!


Micah’s Super Vlog: The Fruit of the Spirit


Love – Hear what New Leaf Elementary’s teachers have to say about love! Is it a chemical imbalance in the body? A warm feeling? Or is it the appreciation of the simpler things in life, like sharp pencils?

Joy – After a failed attempt by Micah to give Armin joy through the Joy Hat 4000, Lydia explains where we can find a true joy that can last forever.

Peace – Micah attempts to explain the concept of peace to Gabe, but the results that are anything but peaceful!

Patience – The normally calm Lydia struggles to keep her patience when Micah gets in the way of her pursuit for higher learning.

Kindness – Micah has to think on his feet when Gabe comes close to an encounter with Chet, the school bully, on New Leaf Elementary’s bizarre Track and Field Day.

Goodness – When Hanz drops his Captain Karate Dino Cop action figure, Armin is tempted to keep the toy for himself. Will goodness prevail in the end?

Faithfulness – Micah, Armin, and Lydia had planned for ages to see the new Captain Karate Dynocop 3D movie – but when Micah forgets to do his homework and can’t see the movie, will Armin and Lydia show faithfulness?

Gentleness – When Chet bullies Gabe about his artistic abilities, Armin shows gentleness by helping him with some drawing tips!

Self-Control – Micah, Armin, and Lydia compete in PB and Jane’s self-control game!


Micah’s Super Vlog: Fruit of the Spirit 5 Minute Family Devotional

Don’t miss our exclusive Minno 5 Minute Family Devotional of the Fruit of the Spirit series including talking points and prayer prompts to help you discover the good fruit of a life connected to Jesus!

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