New Show Just Added to Minno: Making Stuff

By Editorial Team


At Minno, we believe that God is the divine Creator of all things. He spoke the earth and everything in it into being and has since blessed human beings, created in His image, with creativity and innovation to make all kinds of things that make life easier, bring enjoyment, and provide lots of fun!

Isn’t God great that He would allow us to enjoy things such as crayons and kayaks and croissants?! 

The show, Making Stuff, highlights the creativity and innovation that goes into the process of making some of life’s most ordinarily extraordinary things. Making Stuff will spark curiosity in kids and connect them to their creative God as they explore how things are made.

Making Stuff Series Details

Wiz and Gears travel the world to factories and artist studios to see how incredible things are made. Exploring everyday objects such as crayons, musical instruments, foods, and more, the funny robot duo make the journey of discovery engaging and memorable.

  • Recommended Age: Preschool/Elementary
  • Episode Length: 5 Minutes
  • Format: Live-Action/Animated
  • Episodes Available Now: 26
  • Educational Focus: Yes
  • Bible Tie In: No

Making Stuff Episodes Available to Watch Now

1. Peanut ButterFrom giant bulk bags of raw nuts to creamy smooth spread, Gears and Wiz see all the machines that sort, roast, crush and package peanut butter.

2. Apple CiderGears and Wiz discover old-fashioned apple cider is made by fancy high-tech machinery.

3. Teddy BearsWiz falls in love with the cuddly toys and Gears meets someone familiar when he learns how teddy bears are made.

4. DrumsWiz and Gears find themselves in the drum factory; Gears learns what a snare is and Wiz gets a special paint job.

5. CoinsWiz and Gears take a visit to Canada’s Mint reveals how coils of steel are turned into the laminated coins we use every day.

6. Art PuzzlesGears and Wiz visit a laser machine that makes the most diabolical puzzles ever with crazy shapes and amazing pictures.

7. GelatoMango purée, mango juice, and mango pulp are mixed and frozen to create the icy Italian treat that Gears and Wiz wish they could eat.

8. StickersComputers, presses, inks, and paper run at high speed as Gears and Wiz see how stickers are created.

9. CroissantsGears and Wiz visit the best bakery in Montréal to see how flaky croissants are made with French flour and fresh butter.

10. Injection Molds Gears and Wiz marvel at the precision needed to make the steel dies and molds for all the toy parts.

11. Plastic TrucksGears and Wiz encounter a crazy octopus-like machine with many hoses that feed an army of plastic injection molders in the toy factory.

12. BreadGears and Wiz discover how flour, yeast, and water can make many delicious varieties of bread including their favorite baguettes.

13. HarmonicasGears “directs” and Wiz plays along in the classroom harmonica orchestra.

14. Chocolate TrufflesThese yummy treats are made by a master chocolatier as Gears and Wiz cheer for their favorite type of decoration: crushed peppermint candy.

15. Sleeping BagsGears and Wiz watch a team of super seamstresses turn high-tech fabric and insulation into a dandy sleeping bag.

16. PastaGears and Wiz discover spaghetti and lasagna are made in places other than Italy.

17. Art PencilsGears and Wiz see how pencil leads have a bath in hot wax before they are able to write, and the secret of how the lead gets into the pencil is revealed!

18. Rubber BootsGears thinks he has uncovered an army of robots wearing socks but Wiz sets him straight by explaining the feet are for making rain boots in induction mold machines!

19. Kayaks Gears and Wiz see what appears to be an oversized BBQ turn out a kayak that even a kid can paddle.

20. Playground EquipmentGears and Wiz follow the ladders, corkscrews, and poles as machines bend and weld steel pipes to build a playground.

21. Brass HornsFrom a shiny sheet of brass, a shape is cut and folded, hammered and welded into the classic curved section of a French horn.

22. French HornsGears and Wiz watch as a flat brass plate becomes the bell of the horn after being spun on a lathe and heated over an open flame.

23. Bass GuitarsGears and Wiz see how a simple slab of wood gets cut, shaped, glued, and wired up to make an electric guitar.

24. Model TrainsGears and Wiz learn how these model trains are perfect smaller versions of the real thing, right down to the paint colors and designs.

25. Baseball Bat Before Wiz and Gears can make baseball bats, they have to supervise the raw maple blocks being dried in a huge kiln to dry most of the water out of the wood.

26. Story BooksWiz loves storybooks, so Gears takes him to see a printing and binding plant that produces copies by the thousands.

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