How Do You Make Family Movie Nights Special?

By Jessica Wolstenholm

This year, we’re rounding up some of our favorite bloggers to get their thoughts on faith and family. We asked them:

How do you make family movie nights special?

Jessica of Gather and Grow

We are carrying on a tradition that my husband’s family did when he was a kid. We lay a blanket on the floor with pillows and serve popcorn, apples, and cheese for a well-balanced meal. We have a little picnic while we watch. Sometimes we’ll break for a treat in the middle of the movie if the kids have eaten well. We love substituting this light meal and family time for dinner. Sometimes it happens once a week but at least twice a month!


Heidi of Our Out-of-Sync Life

When we have family movie nights, it is almost always a What’s in the Bible? video. We pop a bunch of popcorn and pile onto the couch to giggle through the characters antics. Since we rarely watch TV, this is an extra special treat.


Tamika of No Time for Tea Parties

We make a picnic on the floor, have smoothies, and dessert! The kids love to picnic and know that there are special treats on Movie nights.


Kimberly of Living in the Sweet Spot

We have a 3D Television. When my husband first mentioned getting one I thought it was a silly idea but now that we have it, the kids love it. With the push of a buttons we can have a movie theater experience right from our couch. We bought enough 3D glasses so our kids could invite their friends over to join the fun.


Anne Marie of Future.Flying.Saucers

We don’t do family movie nights often, so that automatically makes them a special treat. TV is not something we usually watch in our house unless a video is used for schooling. When we choose to do a family movie night, my husband and I chose a movie that the whole family, all ages, can watch. We all pile on the bed together, snuggle, and enjoy the movie together!


Kristin of Bits and Pieces From My Life

We recently started popping our own popcorn. We were content with microwave popcorn until we started experimenting with the real stuff. We use a little coconut oil to pop the corn and then throw in a little salt and butter. We plan to try a few flavors soon. First up: cinnamon/sugar popcorn!


Danika of Thinking Kids

On our movie nights we air pop popcorn, make hot chocolate on the stove from scratch, and we all pile on the couch under blankets. Movie nights are “device-free”, so no texting or social media is allowed (that rule is mostly for me… I’m a bit of a Pinterest addict!). Afterward, we discuss the movie we’ve watched over ice cream.


Whitney of Beauty in the Mess

Movie nights are special in our house because the kids get to stay up later than usual and they get to eat popcorn with Daddy. They love it!


Angi of Schneider Peeps

For the last 15 years, our family has had a family movie night almost every Friday night. It’s something that even my teens and adult children look forward to each week. We pick a movie that all of us can watch – usually geared toward the 5 year old. And we make homemade pizza. Each person gets to decorate their own small pizza just as they want. It’s been a pretty fun tradition for our family.