10 Kid-Led Ways to Celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day 

By Melanie Norman

A lavish bouquet of flowers, brunch reservations, candy, and gift baskets . . . These are typically the things people associate with gift-giving on Mother’s Day. You don’t necessarily need material items to make Mother’s Day special this year. As a mom myself, I can attest to the fact that spending time with my children has been one of the greatest gifts I have received on Mother’s Day. One of my fondest Mother’s Day memories is my children making homemade cards for me, making hot dogs for my Mother’s Day dinner, and having a sleepover in the living room to end the day. Here at Minno we have compiled some fun Kid-Led Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day! 

Refurbish the Refrigerator for Mom 

The Refrigerator, one of the most used appliances in homes. This Mother’s Day create an art museum in your home with the refrigerator as the focal point! Encourage your children to create drawings specific to Mom, a picture of her favorite flower, a picture of her favorite food.. Anything and everything about mom and cover your fridge with artwork! Create tickets for mom, inviting her to an art show and let her know she has VIP seating! Check out this, this, and this idea for DIY refrigerator art for Mother’s Day! 

Be The Barista for Mom 

Is Mom an avid coffee or tea drinker? Let mom know she can forgo the long lines at the coffee shop this Mother’s Day, you are bringing the coffee shop to her! Kids can set up a coffee or tea area in the kitchen stocked with all of mom’s favorite flavors and with the help of another adult, make mom’s favorite beverage. Add an extra special touch with handmade decorated mugs or personalized tea tags!

Staycation for Mom

Mom doesn’t need to hop on a plane for a vacation, give her a mini staycation at home! With the current state of the world still in a global pandemic, hopping on and off a plane might not necessarily be the safest option. Make mom a diy “room key” and give her a 24, 48 or even 72 hour staycation. Make sure she has the option for breakfast in bed and unlimited room service! There are so many creative ways to give your mom the staycation of  her dreams! With just a little creativity, kids can really make a memorable and special staycation for mom. Check out this list of ideas to incorporate in Mom’s staycation

DIY Letter Basket 

Yes, you have heard of a gift basket or even a fruit basket, but this Mother’s Day kids can create a letter gift basket for Mom! Have each member of your family write a letter to mom writing what they love and appreciate about her. Or write a letter for each day leading up to Mother’s Day and then the morning of Mother’s Day have mom open them up! Put an even more creative spin on this idea and decorate the envelopes Mom’s card will be placed in. Don’t have any baskets at home? Use a shoebox instead! This video shows how to transform a shoebox into a stunning letter box!

Scavenger Hunt (that leads to outdoor picnic)  

Tell Mom to put on her detective gear for Mother’s Day! She is going on a scavenger hunt! Leave fun clues around the house for mom to find. Use index cards, sticky notes, cut up small pieces of construction paper, whatever you have on hand to make the clues. The morning of the scavenger hunt, make a spread outside with mom’s favorite picnic items. With each clue she finds it will lead her to an outdoor picnic in her honor!

Need more ideas? Check out these tips for your Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt.

Plant Flowers with Mom for Mom 

One-fourth of the flower and plant purchases made for the holidays occur on Mother’s Day, according to the Society of American Florists. This Mother’s Day, instead of going out and spending money on flowers, take time and grow flowers with your mom! Planting flowers is a fun activity to do with mom to honor her and will create a lifelong memory. Contact your local nursery as many typically offer special Mother’s Day promotions on seeds, soil, planting supplies to get started.

This fun video shows step-by-step instructions from a kid’s perspective on planting flowers.                    

Movies with Mom 

Many movie theaters are still currently closed due to Covid restrictions. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the movie theatre experience for Mother’s Day. Create a movie day for mom for Mother’s Day! Make it a movie marathon day for Mom with some of her favorite family movies. Set up the living room or family room like a movie theater and create a special movie bucket for mom complete with popcorn, candy, and all of Mom’s favorite movie snacks. Check out this video for fun movie bucket ideas

Prayer Breakfast with Mom 

Many churches host a monthly or yearly prayer breakfast. Why not host a prayer breakfast for your mom? Prepare some of her favorite dishes and then invite every member of the family to cover mom in prayer. Mom will get physically and spiritually fed. 

Print out this hope-filled prayer for mothers to remind mom that God is always with her!

Share this springtime prayer for moms.

Talk about ways your family can grow in prayer together!

Homemade Jewelry 

Nothing says Mother’s Day gift than jewelry. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money to give mom a priceless gift! This year for Mother’s Day consider making homemade jewelry using items around the house. Have macaroni in the pantry? That will make a beautiful necklace! Have buttons in the sewing kit? Make mom a fun pair of earrings! The possibilities are endless with household materials around your house. You can create an entire jewelry collection for mom! For ideas, check out this video on making pasta jewelry.

Let Mom Plan the Day

We have provided you with ideas, resources, and activities for children to create a memorable Mother’s Day, but make sure you allow mom to plan the day if she wants to! It is Mother’s Day so it’s only right that she gets to give input! Mom may want to play Uno all day, or even go on a family walk. Make sure in whatever you do, it’s a day filled with respect, honor, and love. 

For more ideas, take a look at how other countries celebrate Mother’s Day