Just Added: TuneTime Songs

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Have you had a chance to watch TuneTime on Minno yet? From the creators of The Lads TV, TuneTime follows brother and sister Colby and Rachel as they watch their uncle’s music shop over the summer with the help of their new friends, the Tunies. It’s perfect for preschoolers!

This week, we added all 10 original songs from TuneTime Songs to Minno! Now you can watch and sing-along to all of your favorite music from the show on on repeat:

  1. I Can Say Hello
  2. Friends
  3. I Can See
  4. Peekaboo
  5. Most of All
  6. I Won’t Be Afraid
  7. The Colors Song
  8. The Moving Song
  9. What’s the Sound
  10. Wonderfully Made

Check out TuneTime and TuneTime Songs today on Minno – your first week is free!