Introducing Whirl: Ada & Friends + Whirl: Leo & Friends

By Jessica Wolstenholm


We’re excited to introduce an all-new series on Minno – Whirl! Whirl invites you to step into the fantastical world of First Second Church, a congregation where kids deal with real issues in wacky ways as they learn about their Christian faith. 

What is Whirl?

Whirl is a Bible based cartoon series about the lovable, (sometimes overly) enthusiastic kids of First Second Church. In each episode, the kids tackle a different theme that is central to Christian values. Everything from generosity and forgiveness to doubt and the trinity are explored over the course of the series, with the characters learning all about these themes firsthand.  And while the issues dealt with in each episode are relatable, the solutions this kooky cast often find are a bit… unconventional.

Whirl’s ensemble cast is full of fun and familiar personalities like Ada, who is a super-responsible, precocious 7-year-old who believes that a well-organized kid can take on any challenge. And there’s no greater challenge than trying to keep her overzealous twin brother, Otto, from going overboard with one of his elaborate stunts. Together, the twins embark on faith-fostering adventures with the help of their friends: mischievous Victor, odd ball Monty, safety conscious Clara, incredibly strong (and hungry) Jax, and their adorable younger sister, Tot.

For the older kids there’s Leo, Ada and Otto’s science-minded big brother, who attempts to use his super-genius to unravel and understand the nature of God (with varying success). His friends include Ruby, who’s family’s fortune is even bigger than her sassy attitude, Mimi, who’s sunny personality just can’t be dimmed (or reasoned with), and Gabe, who makes up for his total lack of skills with his huge heart.

Whether the kids of First Second Church are searching for a hidden sanctum of the church’s altar guild or trying to outsmart robots bent on world domination, these characters will keep audiences laughing and learning.

What Parents Should Know

Whirl is actually two series in one! “Ada and Friends” follows the adventures of the K-2 grade kids and “Leo and Friends” is a cast of 3rd-6th graders. While both casts have their own take on different issues, kids of all ages will be entertained and touched by these lovable characters.

Each episode deals with a different theme from the Bible, set in relatable situations. These faith-based stories will capture kids’ imaginations and make it not only easy but fun for them to explore and gain a deeper understanding of Christian values.

Preview Clips

Check out some preview clips from several Whirl episodes below, and watch the full episodes on Minno today – your first week is free!

Whirl: Ada & Friends – Oh No

Just as life seems perfect for Ada and Otto, Leo gets some big news that will cause all sorts of changes. Scary changes.

Whirl: Ada & Friends – Promise Pains

When Otto makes a promise to his parents and Tot, he gets a crash course in just how difficult keeping your word can be.  

Whirl: Leo & Friends – Crash Tractor

Chet is taking the kids on the Camping Crusaders’ overnight trip and will be teaching them to live off the land. Unfortunately for Gabe, those lessons do not involve video games.

Whirl: Leo & Friends – Chester T. Goodtimes

Pastor Pete broke his promise to the kids about a field trip. Can any promises be believed after this disappointing twist?

What We Love

Whirl’s fast, fun premise is the perfect backdrop for your family to explore all the different lessons the Bible has to offer. Sometimes mirroring the biblical story being examined and sometimes serving as a parable for the theme, the episodes will keep kids and parents laughing and engaged with their off the wall variety.

On top of that, the series does an amazing job of taking on difficult and real subjects that matter to kids and parents with humor, honesty, and integrity.

Who makes Whirl?

Whirl is produced by Sparkhouse, a not-for-profit publishing ministry based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sparkhouse is committed to “sparking new life in Christian communities” with it’s wide array of print and digital media.   

We’ll be adding more new episodes from both series every week this month, so be sure to keep logging into Minno to watch!