Introducing TuneTime – All New Series for Preschoolers!

By Jessica Wolstenholm






Minno is thrilled to announce a new addition to the Minno catalog – TuneTime! You and your preschoolers will love getting to know Colby, Rachel and the Tunies.


TuneTime is from the makers of The Lads TV (also streaming on Minno) and follows siblings Colby and Rachel as they look after their uncle’s music shop for the summer with the help of their new friends DJ, Brainy, and Lulu – also known as the Tunies. Kiddos will love this jam-packed show full of music, Bible stories, and more!


Meet the Characters

Colby and Rachel are siblings in charge of the music shop. When they arrive, they meet the Tunies – DJ, Brainy, and Lulu – who help them run the store! They also meet Moe, Ruby, Bella, Ashlin, and Jimmy, who are taking music lessons at the store.


What Parents Should Know

Every episode of TuneTime is 14-25 minutes long and includes original music, a Bible story, short segments like Art with Rachel or Brainy’s Drawings, and more. Kids will learn truths like God is always with you and God made us special. The show was created for preschoolers and will help them get to know who the God of the Bible is and give them ways to exercise their creativity. We have released 26 episodes so far on Minno and there are more to come.


What We Love

It’s clear that show creators Steve King and Mark Millard of The Lads TV know how to infuse fun into everything they do. Kids won’t only be learning Biblical truths, but they’ll also be up and moving throughout every episode. Check out the video below to hear from Steve and Mark themselves about the heart and mission behind the show and check out TuneTime on Minno today!