Introducing The Biggest Story

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Today we’re excited to talk about The Biggest Story! The Biggest Story journeys through the Bible to show how all of its stories connect to Scripture’s overarching message about God’s plan of redemption for his people.

The Biggest Story is a 25-minute animated special produced by our friends at Crossway and is based on the book by the same title. It was written and narrated by best-selling author Kevin DeYoung and features illustrations from Don Clark, co-founder of the graphic design studio, Invisible Creature.

What Parents Should Know
Major sections of the Bible are covered in chapters 1 through 10 of The Biggest Story as they flow seamlessly as part of one metanarrative –  connecting the dots from the Garden of Eden all of the way to the new heaven and new earth. See below for some of the stories that The Biggest Story covers in each chapter:

Chapter 1: Creation; Adam & Eve; The Fall
Chapter 2: Cain & Abel; Noah’s Ark; The Tower of Babel
Chapter 3: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & Esau, Judah
Chapter 4: Famine; The Plagues; Moses & the Red Sea
Chapter 5: Moses & the 10 Commandments; Prophets, Priests, Kings
Chapter 6: King Saul; King David; King Solomon; Kingdom splits in 2

Chapter 7: Prophets; 400 Years of Silence; Old Testament Recap
Chapter 8: Jesus’ Birth; Teaching; Miracles; 12 Disciples; Crucifixion; Empty Tomb

Chapter 9: Resurrection; Ascension; Pentecost
Chapter 10: New Heaven & New Earth

The Biggest Story is a perfect conversation starter for families – to introduce and reiterate to those young and old what the Bible teaches and provoke discussion around what that means for our lives.

What We Love
Kevin DeYoung and the Crossway team have done a marvelous job at creating a storybook Bible – focused on the Bible’s entire redemptive storyline – that all ages will enjoy. While some chapters may feel heavy, every chapter ends by pointing to the hope we have in God’s plan to rescue his people. The beautiful animated illustrations speak for themselves. There is truly nothing we don’t love about this animated-short – check it out on Minno today!