Introducing McGee and Me!

By Editorial Team


New on our Streaming Video Platform: McGee and Me!

The Adventures of McGee and Me! delivers faith lessons wrapped in fun and thought-provoking adventures. Each half-hour episode centers on Nicholas, his cartoon friend, McGee, and the moral lessons they learn as Nick grows up after moving to a new town. McGee and Me! deals with issues such as honesty (“The Big Lie”), bullying (“Skate Expectations”), and faith in God (“Twister and Shout”).

McGee and Me Series Details
  • Recommended Age: Elementary
  • Episode Length: 20-25 Minutes
  • Episodes Available Now: 12
  • Character and Values Focus: Yes
  • Bible Tie In: Yes

A Sneak Peek at 10 of the McGee and Me! Episodes Available to Watch Now

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McGee and Me 2.png

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Bonus Curriculum

Use McGee and Me! in your Home or Sunday School lessons. Download the FREE curriculum below.

McGee and Me! Curriculum – Session 1 (The Big Lie)

McGee and Me! Curriculum – Session 2 (A Star in the Breaking)

McGee and Me! Curriculum – Session 3 (The Not-So-Great-Escape)

McGee and Me! Curriculum – Session 4 (Skate Expectations)