Jesus: Messiah, Teacher, King! 5 Minute Family Devotional Plan

By Editorial Team


Join Minno to learn about the life and teachings of Jesus. Help your kids know that Jesus is our Messiah, our Teacher, and our King! Follow along for just 5 minutes a day, 4 days a week, as we discover how Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies, taught about life in the Kingdom of God, and died and rose again to bring us all the gift of new life in Him! Your family will love the weekly memory verse, short video, discussion questions, and prayer. 

Here are some of the major themes your family will learn through the Jesus: Messiah, Teacher, King Family Devotional Plan:

1. Jesus is Our Messiah!

2. Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies.

3. Jesus performed many miracles. 

4. Jesus taught us important lessons about loving other people. 

5. Jesus died for our sins and rose again! 

6. We can all be followers of Jesus. 


The Jesus: Messiah, Teacher, King devotional plan features videos from the What’s in the Bible? series. Each video devotional is 5 minutes and includes a Bible verse, video clip, discussion questions, and a prayer prompt. 

We pray this journey helps bring your family closer to God and each other! If you have feedback, ideas or questions about the 5 Minute Family Devotional, reach out to us on Facebook—we’d love to hear from you!  

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To watch, click on a devotional title below:

Jesus is the Messiah

Jesus Fulfills the Davidic Covenant

Jesus is Born

John the Baptist

Jesus is Baptized

Jesus is Tempted

Jesus Picks His Disciples

Jesus Teaches about the Kingdom of God

Jesus Heals

Jesus Performs Miracles

Peter Knows Who Jesus Is

Jesus’ Important Teaching

Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Jesus Serves the Last Supper

Jesus Dies for Us

Jesus is Risen


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