Series Spotlight: Holy Moly

By Jessica Wolstenholm

This week we’re talking about a series from our friends at Sparkhouse Family, Holy Moly!

About Holy Moly

Holy Moly explores God’s awesome story with animated scripture retelling! Each story from the Bible is told with no actual dialogue – the driving force being the visuals on screen combined with sound effects and narration – making every episode perfect for all ages!

What Parents Should Know

There are 60 full episodes of Holy Moly going through both the Old Testaments and New Testaments. Check out some preview clips below:

Episode 5, Sarah and Abraham:

Episode 20, David & Goliath:

What We Love

Holy Moly is able to communicate Bible stories to our little ones without many words. The hand-drawn look and feel brings the characters of the Bible to life for kids and inspires their imagination! We love Holy Moly and hope you do too. Check out the whole series on Minno today – your first week is free!