Introducing Connect

By Jessica Wolstenholm

An all new series is now on Minno Connect! Connect follows a plucky middle school theater group that aspires to stage every book of the Bible. The kids are pretty sure they have a clear understanding of everything that happens in “God’s Big Story.”Well, most of it. They do have a few questions, concerns, and outright misconceptions. Fortunately, an ever-expanding cast of surprise visitors is on hand to help them sort out just what is going on in any given story! Let’s get to know the Connect kids and share more about the series below:

What is Connect?

Connect is a Bible-based cartoon series that follows Becky and Todd as they write, direct, and perform their own interpretations of Bible stories. Each episode revolves around a story from the Bible and what the kids think it means. And given their unique personalities, Becky and Todd can sometimes be… a little off the mark.

As the director of the theater group, Becky has the drive to make each play happen. However, she’s not always certain where she’s driving. While she means well, Becky sometimes wants to “improve” parts of God’s Big Story that don’t make a lot of sense to her. This can be as small as cutting a few of Jesus’ disciples that seem “repetitive” or as big as building a set for the Tower of Babel that reaches into space. There are no lengths to which Becky wouldn’t go to make their shows the best.

Becky’s best friend Todd also wants their Bible plays to be great. And for Todd that means bigger, louder, and faster. Superheroes, baby Yetis, and transforming robots are all welcome in Todd’s interpretation of the Bible. While Todd is often misguided, confused, and taking things way over-the-top, he always puts his whole heart into whatever he’s doing. And Todd always comes through for his friends, albeit in bizarre and questionable ways.

Together, Becky and Todd take on the challenges of understanding and telling God’s Big Story. And since those challenges include talking tube socks, evil teddy bears, and a classmate bent on conquering the world (or at least every theater in the world!), you can count on a wildly entertaining ride!


What Parents Should Know

Connect is a great way to engage your children’s faith at a critical age. Middle schoolers have usually heard many of the Bible stories that are covered in Sunday School and have outgrown the storybook versions that are geared toward a younger audience. At the same time, they’re still a bit too young to wrestle with the more complex theology that older kids tackle in confirmation class.

Fortunately, Connect is there to bridge this transition. Speaking to kids on their level, the series strikes a healthy balance between concrete and abstract thinking as it explores the larger narrative arc of the Bible. Connect bravely addresses the kinds of questions that tweens want answered, all while delivering a fast, funny story that is sure to entertain. 

There are 50 episodes of Connect on Minno! Check out some preview clips from a handful of episodes below. 


What We Love

Connect is a fun-filled journey through the Bible that will address your child’s questions without talking down to them. While Becky and Todd may overreact in outrageous (and often hilarious!) ways, it comes from confusion and questions that your kids can relate to. As the theater kids piece together what God’s Big Story is all about, your children will be right there with them, cheering them on. Connect is a great way for your family to explore the deeper meaning of the Bible with honesty and humor.

Who makes Connect?

Connect was produced by Sparkhouse, a not-for-profit publishing ministry based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sparkhouse is committed to “sparking new life in Christian communities” with its wide array of print and digital media.