Introducing Auto-B-Good

By Jessica Wolstenholm

This week we’re excited to introduce another fun series for your little ones, Auto-B-Good

About Auto-B-Good

Auto-B-Good follows the fun and adventure of a group of friends in the City of Auto! Join Johnny the Sports Car, Cali the Convertible, and more fun automobiles as they live life together and learn valuable lessons about responsibility, telling the truth, self-control and more! 

What Parents Should Know

Auto-B-Good was made for children ages 4-10. Every episode is about 11 minutes long, and over the next month we’ll be releasing all 63 episodes! Each episode starts with the catchy theme song before launching into a narrative story that is centered on a character trait – like honesty, courage, or self-discipline! You can check out the whole listing of character traits here and watch some preview clips below.



What We Love

The pacing of each Auto-B-Good story makes it seem as if each episode flies by! Not only are the stories engaging, but the characters are too. There’s every kind of car for every kind of kid! And as each character learns different lessons, your kid will learn those important lessons too.

Check out Auto-B-Good on Minno today – your first week is free!