Interview with the Creators of Micah Super Vlog

By Melanie Rainer

Have you had a chance to watch the all-new exclusive Minno series Micah’s Super Vlog? Our whole Minno team is obsessed with it – we think Micah, Armin and Lydia are smart, funny and have a lot to teach about what it means to be a Christian! So of course we had to spend some time talking to the creators, an amazing group of guys from Canada. Girish, Stu, Dave and Eric took some time to let us know why they created Micah and his friends and what they hope parents and kids learn from this fantastic show!


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1. Who is the team behind Micah’s Super Vlog? Tell me a little about yourself and the other creators.


The Micah’s Super Vlog Team consists of :

Girish Manuel

Stuart Hunnable

Dave Miller

Eric Boorman


I (Girish) do most of the production which includes writing, animating, and editing, while Stu does most of the art like character designs and backgrounds. While the core team is Stu and I, Dave and Eric help out with story ideas and at various stages production: Dave Miller creates original music (Nebby Rap, Meatball song) and levels the final audio before the final video renders. Eric Boorman who is the voice behind many great Micah Super Vlog characters (Mr Beaker, Mr. Turtell, Chet, Gabe, Dennis). That’s pretty much it as far as staff, but we have more volunteer talent that help bring characters life… including the voice of Micah (Jodran Jackiew), Armin (Eric Peters), and Lydia (Becky Hunnable… who is Stu’s wife!)


2. Why did you create Micah’s Super Vlog?


This is a big question, but I should start by saying, I have always wanted to have a cartoon of my own, it sounds prideful if I were to leave it there, but I’m pretty grateful for being able to do this even if it is a small production!


In 2008 I realized that God had given me a gift in being creative, and in 2010, He showed me that is meant for His purpose and that I have a passion for children’s ministry. Over the next few years I discovered how effective illustrations, and cartoons were for children as I began shepherding grade 4s at my church.


In 2014 Square One World Media (at the time called Family Life Network), was rebranding, signed a deal with HopeTV, and wanted to focus more on creating content for broadcast. At the time, I was hired as an illustrator for a Bible story book for low-german speaking kids and the person who was driving this rebrand asked me, “ Can you make a cartoon?”


Can you imagine someone asking that from you? Well the real answer was “No,” I had no idea, and neither did she, but I thought I could do it so I said, “I think so, yes.”


Now for the part of the answer you care about: I created Micah’s Super Vlog because I wanted to make something that get the attention of today’s kids, and give them something pure and awesome! It had to be funny,relevant, and challenging.


3. What is your favorite episode of Micah’s Super Vlog and why?

DAVE: I like the Gabe Samaritan because Gabe shows a lot of good character in the end to help Micah. Micah learns some good lessons too. Potentially he can learn that help can come from surprising places and to not judge people based on appearances or social status.


ERIC: My favorite episode is Micah Superstar!  I just loved the writing on this one, and we got to

meet some new characters.  The fact that you don’t have to be a superstar to be special is something that we all can grab on to.  We all have our gifts that make us unique and God thinks we are all amazing.


GIRISH: I really love Uber Jealous because of Hanz, the chemistry of the Micah, Armin, and Lydia, and just the  ridiculous premise of the story! I mean it has a robot battle in a school yard.

It’s a lot of fun.


STU: Uber Jealous, cause I think it’s a really fun episode, and it always makes me laugh, especially Hanz’s scenes!


4. What do you hope kids (and parents!) learn from Micah’s Super Vlog?


DAVE: I hope the kids can learn that having a relationship with Jesus should and will make a difference in their day to day lives. Knowing Jesus changes our perspective on everything.


ERIC: I want kids and their parents to see that choosing a life that trusts and honors God is really cool and exciting.


GIRISH: That God is your very best friend even when we mess up! When in doubt(or even when you’re not!), read the good book!


STU: I hope they learn important new lessons that they can apply to their lives and their faith, and that they can have fun along the way!


5. Who is your favorite Micah’s Super Vlog character and why?


DAVE: I like Miss Petunia because her energy and excitement is over the top.


ERIC: I think my favorite character has to be Dennis. He is just so different in every way.  I look forward to the times that I get to voice him.  He stretches my imagination and creativity.  And I love his hat, he’s got a great look.


GIRISH: Micah for sure. I wanted to create a main character that I could relate to… in that, he messes up. A LOT. So he’s imperfect, but because of that, we get to see lots of teachable moments.


STU: Lydia, cause I really like the dynamic she brings to the show, and the way she balances Micah and Armin so well… and cause she’s played by my wife!


6. What advice would you have for kids who want to do animation or screenwriting when they grow up?


Do it for God!  This might sound vague, or even cliche, but it’s so important that you know if God has given a passion for creativity, or a skill, that you recognize what that is, and use it for Him! He will bless you in it! Do not give up! Keep drawing! Keep writing! Those experiences will teach you more about the skill and yourself than any class will!


Don’t worry what people say!  This is a hard one, but outcomes do not matter. The reason why you do it does! Not everything you make will be a masterpiece and some people may not like it,

but if you are doing it for the Lord, you know He will use it!


Work with others! Allowing yourself to work with others can keep you humble and grateful! This applies especially when working a big production like a cartoon. It’s a lot of hard work, and it’s important to find people that can help you along the way with your project so you can focus on what God has gifted you with.


7. What is one lesson God has taught you through making Micah’s Super Vlog?

No matter how gifted God has made you, you cannot do things alone. He wants us to work with each other lovingly just like the body of Christ. We are all made for different specific purposes, and because of that we are all special, unique, and valuable.