An Interview with Leo from Whirl

By Jessica Wolstenholm

With the release of new episodes of Whirl this week, we’re sharing an interview with one of our favorite characters from the show – Leo! Check it out below and watch all of Whirl: Leo & Friends on Minno today!

Q: Hi Leo! Tell us about yourself. How old are you? Who’s in your family? How would your friends describe you?
A: I’m twelve years old and have three younger siblings: Ada, Otto and Tot. My friends would probably say that I’m kind, giving, and a supportive friend. Oh, I’m also a super genius who has cracked the mysteries of artificial intelligence. Yeah, those are the headlines.

Q: You spend a lot of time in your laboratory in the basement of the church. Describe your lab and why you built it.
A: The church basement is really an ideal location for my laboratory. I’ve added onto the existing boiler room with a few hundred feet of tunnels in every direction, plus a platform that can be raised through the church’s now retractable roof! It’s got space for my equipment, living quarters for my robots and nice high ceilings for my jet boot experiments. Plus, Pastor Pete lets me use some of the church’s power supply since I started doing their taxes.

Q: You’ve built several robots. Why do you have so many? Which one is your favorite?
A: I really like to make new robots for specific purposes. Helping a friend, studying theology, keeping an eye on all the other robots, praising God/playing dodge ball… If I can imagine it, I can make a robot for it. And each robot becomes a part of my little robot family, so I can’t play favorites. Although, Theologitomaton is constantly trying to conquer the world, so it might not be my absolute favorite…

Q: You seem like an analytical guy. What’s the biggest question you have about faith? Why is it important to you?
A: I think a lot about things we can know the answer to and things that we can’t. Faith helps us come to understand the things we cannot fully understand in the world. So my biggest question about faith is “How do we know for certain what we can’t know for certain?” I don’t have an answer yet, but I have some promising equations in my laboratory if you’d like to take a look.

Q: What else do you want people to know about you?
A: Well, no one knows this, but I originally invented jet boots to help me get over my fear of heights, which they did. But now I’m kind of obsessed with them.

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This post was originally published on Sparkhouse Family’s blog and was used with permission. Special contributions from Naomi Krueger, Aaron Christopher, and Matt Spring.