If You Like VeggieTales, Try These Shows on Minno

By Editorial Team


Our kiddos may not like to eat their veggies, but they sure do like to watch them! We know VeggieTales is a favorite among Minno families but did you know that one of the reasons Minno is the best place to watch VeggieTales is because of all of the other shows we have that your little ones will like, too?! We’ve put together a big list of the best pre-school/early elementary shows on Minno that will provide your veggie-viewer with a balanced diet full of Bible teaching, social-emotional learning, worship, adventure, and more!

If You Like VeggieTales, Try These Shows on Minno

What’s In The Bible?

What It’s About: Newscaster Buck Denver and his friends go on a wacky, wonderful, educational, and musical journey through the whole Bible—from Genesis to Revelation! Learn how all the stories of the Bible fit together to tell God’s great rescue plan.

Why You’ll Like It: Written by VeggieTales creator, Phil Vischer, What’s In The Bible? offers Bible teaching for the whole family! While it may present concepts that are big for your preschooler, it will introduce them to God’s BIG story and His great love for them. Watch it together and see what kinds of curious questions it sparks in your little one!

Auto B Good

What It’s About: Join Johnny the Sports Car and all of his friends in the City of Auto as they learn lessons in friendship and character.

Why You’ll Like It: Your child will love the fun adventures these adorable autos go on as they learn character and value lessons such as courage, kindness, and responsibility. Each episode is super fun yet teaches an explicit lesson that is sure to lead to great conversations!



What It’s About:  Follow along with a group of student owls as they go on adventures and learn about nature, faith, and God!

Why You’ll Like It: Your child will love these adorable feathered friends and how they connect learning about God and the Bible to things and experiences they find in nature.

God Rocks!

What It’s About: Featuring characters from the popular series, each God Rock’s episode includes an entertaining, engaging, and educational mix of stories, music, and fun. Excellent for family viewing, Bible teaching, and lively discussion about the treasured stories that Jesus taught.

Why You’ll Like It: If veggies can teach kids about God, why not rocks?! After all, the Bible says that “the rocks will cry out” in praise to God (Luke 19:40). These fun stones teach kids Bible stories and worship songs they will love.

Brewster the Rooster New Series.jpg

Brewster the Rooster

What It’s About: Brewster the Rooster and Maggie discover answers to questions only preschoolers ask! Through creative thinking, they come up with many possible answers to fun questions! They’ll take young viewers on a journey of discovery in a way that will not only entertain but will get their creative thinking caps on!

Why You’ll Like It: Curiosity is a foundational cognitive and emotional skill for preschoolers. Children who develop curiosity at a young age are less bored and more willing to explore and discover on their own. Brewster the Rooster teaches the joy of asking and seeking answers to questions which kids can apply to understanding the amazing world God made and exploring the Bible and what it means for their lives. 

Treasure Champs

What It’s About: Join Kari and Barry as they explore what values are, why they matter, where we can learn about them in the Bible, and how we can live them out!

Why You’ll Love It: These sweet friends will introduce your preschooler to important treasures or values while they learn together what the Bible says about each one.

Hermie and Friends

What It’s About: Caterpillars Hermie and Wormie experience God’s love and see how God made them all special and unique. Through daily life with all their garden friends, they learn important values that honor God . . . like love, honesty, kindness, and more!

Why You’ll Like It: Created by beloved author, Max Lucado, Hermie is a delightful guide for little ones learning big ideas about God and how to live as a follower of Jesus.

LOU_Blog (1).jpg


What It’s About: Have you ever dreamed of exploring an island or traveling to the moon? Do you yearn to race cars or talk to a friendly bear? No problem! Everything is possible with Louie! With his help and Yoko’s, kids will learn how to draw while having fun!’

Why You’ll Love It: Art is known in educational circles to greatly benefit the academic and emotional development of children. The practice of art increases fine motor skills and language development while boosting a child’s creativity. Louie is a simple show that sparks imagination and invites kids into the process of learning through drawing and problem-solving. Louie will encourage your preschooler to express their imagination as they explore all of the gifts that God gives us.

Jungle Beat

What It’s About: Jungle Beat is a fun, family-friendly series of animated, dialogue-free episodes focusing on different animals and the bizarre situations they encounter in nature. Jungle Beat will spark not only laughter, but also wonderful conversations about perseverance, tenacity, and learning to be comfortable right where you are.

Why You’ll Like It: There’s nothing like seeing a little one belly laugh! The crazy critters in Jungle Beat are sure to make your preschool giggle while learning how to try and try again when things don’t seem to go their way.

Yancy’s Little Praise Party

What It’s About: Yancy and Friends sing songs, dance, and play instruments to celebrate that God is good! Watch, sing, shout, and have a “Little Praise Party” too!

Why You’ll Like It: Your kids will love the fun animation as they sing along and you’ll love watching your little ones praise God!

Monster Truck Adventures

What It’s About: Join Meteor, LT, and all their friends as they roar over jumps and splash through gunk in everyday adventures at school and all over their hometown of Crushington Park.

Why You’ll Like It: If you have kiddos that love trucks, they will be entertained and encouraged by these tough friends who are learning lessons in faith and character traits.

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