“I Love You Because…” | A Simple Valentine’s Day Craft

By Editorial Team

Teach siblings and friends to love and celebrate each other with this simple Valentine’s Day craft.

I remember so vividly finding out my second child was going to be a girl. Our first was a girl, and I imagined that as sisters they would just adore each other. I dreamed of hair braiding, giggling, and secrets at bedtime. While some of that does happen, my sisterhood fantasy was a bit crushed once I learned the truth. Siblings don’t always get along! (Shocking, I know!)

I spend most of my days now, years later, feeling more like a referee than a mom. Between three girls, we have a heaping dose of drama and fighting that happens daily. I assumed that would happen in the teen years, but I hadn’t prepared myself for the fact that they might not always get along with each other as young children. And as a parent, it breaks your heart to watch your children be cruel or say hurtful words to each other. A few weeks ago, a peaceful Lego building session turned into someone screaming “I DON’T EVEN LIKE YOU!” That’s painful to hear!

It’s a shocking realization of sin. I have to remind myself every day that children are sinful beings! That’s not really something we like to think about when it comes to our kids. We want to think they are perfect and spotless, but they were born into a sinful world and no one has to teach them how to sin. What we do need to teach them? Love.

Love always wins! I wanted to find a way to help remind my kids (and honestly, myself) what is so amazing about each one of them. Even when we don’t like someone who steals our Legos, love will always win and we need to remember to treat one another with respect and love. With Valentine’s Day coming up, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go beyond the candy hearts and cheesy valentines, and really ask why we love each other. We love because God truly sets the example for us. He loves us so much that he would do anything for us, and He did the unimaginable by sending His son to die for our sin.

We made some simple hearts that say “I love you because…”, cut them out and left it open for them to fill in the blanks. To join us in this expression of love, you can go as simple or extravagant as you want. I’m not much of a crafty person, and you don’t have to be to help point your kids in the direction of God’s love. I am encouraging them to make a heart for one of their siblings each day for a couple of weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. Not only is this a great reminder of how loved they are, but it helps each of my children see just how special God made each one of them!

Download our “I Love Your Because. . .” heart template and encourage your kids to make their own!

IDEA: Parents can also use this printable to share love with their kiddos. Print out a few sheets and write a different quality on a heart every day then tape it to your child’s bedroom door as a surprise affirmation!