How to Teach Kids the Value of God’s Word

By Jessica Wolstenholm

In today’s busy, distraction-filled world, it can be difficult for parents to teach their children the value of God’s Word. From social media and television to music and friends, there are always things vying for our children’s attention. It is up to us as their parents to teach our children the value of the Bible.

But how?

Here are some simple ways that we can weave God’s Word into everyday life that will ultimately lead your children to Christ.

How to Teach Kids the Value of God’s Word

 1. Through Parables

As we know, Jesus taught His disciples and followers through story-telling. This unique art of oration is not only a way for your child to learn, but it is also a great way for them to remember. For instance: Pick a character trait of God and a Bible story to demonstrate it. After you and your child read the story, share an example from your own life that will relate to the story you just read. Then open up a conversation with your child about the correlation of the two stories to the Fruit of the Spirit. This will not only give your child the chance to hear the Word (thus building their faith) but to speak the Word and understand it better. If you have young children, be sure to read an age-appropriate children’s Bible so they can more easily comprehend the story.

2. Through Family Activities

Over the years we have found so many ways to demonstrate the value of God’s Word during family activities. Whether it is on a hike in the beauty of God’s nature, watching our favorite episode of What’s in the Bible, or going out for a quick bite to eat; there are always opportunities to teach your children to value God’s Word.

One example of this may be to point out (while hiking) how God created and takes care of all the living things we see. You can explain to them the rain from heaven and how it falls on the land and combined with the sunshine, activates the nutrients in the soil that produce the life we see in nature. If you stop and take the time to look, you will see things all around you that will point your children to the Bible and show them the importance of God’s Word.

3. Through Your Actions

We’ve heard it time and time again: Actions speak louder than words. And they really, really do. One of the most powerful ways we can teach our children the value of God’s Word is by living it out. Our children are always watching us and learning how to respond to the world around them based on how we behave.

While I am a firm believer that our children learn a lot by our “good” behavior, I also know first-hand how much they learn when we mess up. I think some of the most significant lessons of valuing God’s Word our children have witnessed are through mistakes that my husband and I have made. From getting upset about something that I shouldn’t, to saying things that hurt their feelings, I know for certain that children witness the power of God’s Word through prayer and real heart changes when we mess up. And it’s a good thing. It gives them the hope that they need to continue to seek God for themselves.

There are many ways to show your children how the Bible can come alive in everyday life, but the above three are certainly a wonderful start. By reading God’s Word, recognizing his sovereignty around us, and being an example of Christ, our children are sure to see the power and value that can only be found in God’s Word!