How to Talk to Your Kids about Church History and the Reformation

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Through learning about Church history, we can help our kids see God’s faithfulness to his people.

On October 31st millions of Christians around the world will recognize and celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation which was started by Martin Luther when he nailed his 95 Theses to the door of a Wittenberg church.

The day is significant for the whole Church, as it represents how God moves through and uses his people to shape and change our world.

We’ve rounded up ways to learn about Martin Luther and share Church history with your family.

Learn about Church history on Minno:

TorchLighters: Martin Luther

In a world ruled by the church, all it took was one nail, one scroll, and one monk to turn everything upside-down! With his 95 Theses, Martin Luther changed the world. 
Also available in Spanish

Watch the whole TorchLighters series to learn even more about true-life heroes from Christian history. See what God can do through a “Torchlighter” and be challenged to carry your own torch while learning about the history of our faith.

Pirate’s Guide to Church History

From Jesus Christ to Billy Graham, join Captain Pete as he shares about people, places and events from church history.

Church History and Martin Luther Blogs and Resources:

Sparkhouse Family shares 7 reasons to care about Martin Luther and his legacy on their blog. They even sell a Martin Luther pop-up book!

Jeff Robinson of the Gospel Coalition shares:

One of our Minno Life writers, Tauna Meyer, developed a “hymn study” with a printable family devotional based on “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,” written by Martin Luther.

Hip Homeschool Moms created a color-by-number Luther Rose Seal you can download for free and color with your children.

On their website, the children’s ministry of Sojourn Church shares 4 resources they’ve found helpful for teaching Church history to young children.

However you choose to recognize the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we hope that you are inspired to help your kids understand more about God’s people who have come before us and shaped our faith.