How to Have Church at Home as a Family

By Editorial Team


These are unprecedented times in our world. With the COVID-19 epidemic, right now we need connection to God and our community more than ever. But for the good of all, we need to stay home. Staying connected to God and each other is very important and the church plays a big part in that process. But what do you do when you just can’t go to church?  We’ve put together great resources to help you have church at home as a family.

How to Have Church at Home as a Family

We’ve created a free resource to help your family have church at home. Visit Minno Church at Home and watch a new video every week complete with Worship songs, a Bible Story, a weekly Bible verse, and even a joke to keep you smiling in the midst of difficult times. 

As you introduce having church at home to your kids, it’s important to put away distractions and create an atmosphere of invitation for God to come and meet with you. God is everywhere and having church at home as a family is a wonderful way to teach your kids that they can be with Him wherever they are. 


Prepare your hearts to meet with God by singing together. In addition to the songs we feature on Minno Church at Home, we have several other wonderful kid-friendly music options here on Minno including Seeds Family Worship, Yancy and Friends, and Hillsong Kids!


It can be hard to keep your kids’ attention for an extended period of time, especially at home when toys and media seem to be calling their names! Media can be a great way to teach kids about God and utilizing it to have church at home will really make it count for something good!  

We’ve chosen a specific story each week for Minno Church at Home that has great Biblical teaching, but we’ve got lots of shows here on Minno that will help your family learn about God at home—on Sunday morning or any day of the week! Some of our other favorite shows for teaching kids about God and the Bible are:

What’s In The Bible?



Friends and Heroes


The fun and connection to God doesn’t end with each Minno Church at Home video! We’re also providing a new Bible story each week from the Laugh and Learn Bible for Kids that you can download in full color or a read and color version.

Discover a simple way to do family devotions with the featured Minno 5 Minute Family Devotional that each includes a short video, talking prompts, and a prayer.

If they were in Sunday School, your kids would probably do a fun activity or craft to go along with their lesson. Children need hands-on experiences to fully engage with new knowledge and help it stick. We’ve chosen a few activities that we think your kids will love and you can browse other activities on Minno Life.

We pray you and your family stay well and full of hope during this difficult time. 

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