How Do You Help Kids Adjust to Time Change?

By Jessica Wolstenholm

This year, we’re rounding up some of our favorite bloggers to get their thoughts on faith and family. We asked them: How do you help your kids adjust to the time change?

Leah of As We Walk Along The Road:

We set our clocks around supper time on the evening of the change. That way we can go to bed with the adjusted time. I’ve actually found that my kids do better in the spring time change. In the fall, they are still waking up at the regular time which is an hour early. In the spring, the adjustment seems to be easier.


Heather of Me and the Gross Boys:

Our kiddos stay in their room either until we come get them (the younger two) or until the clock says 7:30 (the older two), so that doesn’t change, just when they wake up changes! That said, we usually try to keep them up a bit later (like 30 minutes or so) for a few days before. Then the night of the change we keep them up an entire hour later than usual, which they think is great fun! All this is in the hopes that they will gradually sleep a bit later. Also, dark curtains to keep the sunlight out of their rooms in the morning helps quite a bit!


Kimberly of Living in the Sweet Spot:

While I look forward to the time change and longer days each year, my kids have often struggled with it. I find that maintaining our evening routine: dinner, chores, bathing, and reading helps my little ones adjust. Going to bed, even when it’s not completely dark outside, is just the last step in rhythm that’s everyday life.

Tamika of No Time For Tea Parties:

We help our kids adjust to time change by letting them go by their own body clocks as opposed to a set schedule.

Wendy of Hip Homeschool Moms:

We generally adjust pretty well to the time change. We simply adjust our schedule a few minutes each day over a couple of weeks or so. Being a homeschooling family is definitely an advantage for us since we have more freedom to change our schedule as needed.

Lisa of Chaos Appreciation

Our schedule has always been pretty flexible. The kids don’t notice the time change that much. Mom, on the other hand, forgets to cook dinner because the sun is up and everyone is still playing!