Fun Fall Traditions for Families

By Editorial Team


In our house, fall is a time of renewal and a time for starting afresh. It is a time where no matter what kind of crazy (in a good way) summer we’ve had, we begin to tighten things up and become more intentional with our time. You could say that fall is when our family’s rhythm just seems to get back on track.

Every fall we seek out new ways to create fun fall traditions in our family. It all started with my husband and I as newlyweds. We had a blast figuring out new and fresh ways to celebrate the season of harvest. As we began having children we came up with new traditions that worked for both adults and children. There is never a shortage of fun ideas and we enjoy coming up with new ones as the children grow up. 

If your family is in the market for inspiration when it comes to fun fall traditions, you’ve come to the right place. I pray that the ideas below inspire you to enjoy your fall together in a more intentional way.

Fun Fall Traditions for Families

  1. Have a fun scavenger hunt. Not only are scavenger hunts easy to create, but they are also fun for all ages! Here are 20 scavenger hunt ideas to get you started.
  2. Have a themed family cooking competition. This is something that we have done for years. And it is so much fun! This year we are all making pies and we are even bringing in some guest judges from out of town! It’s a great way to get in the kitchen, get creative, and bond together.
  3. Establish a family game night. Ever since the children were small we have played board games together. And each season, including fall, we purchase a new game to add to our collection. Now that they are older we see the nostalgia in their eyes when it’s time to pick a new game. We love it and are thankful for the bond it’s created as a family. 
  4. Have a serve-a-thon. Parents, remember back in the day when there would be telethons to raise money for charity? Well, serve-a-thons follow that same theme, except there is no money exchanged, just serving others together as a family. We will pick a theme of service and then brainstorm ways to carry it out. Want some ideas? Check out this post right here on the Minno Blog, 25 Random Acts of Kindness to Spread Love Today.
  5. Go leaf hunting. We like to go to the forest, different parks, and gardens to collect leaves that have fallen off the trees. It’s fascinating to see God’s design in each of the leaves and we enjoy identifying the various kinds we find. 
  6. Enjoy a fun fall date (or two). This is obviously for mom and dad, but hey, the family wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for you. Here are 11 tried-and-true fall dates that we’ve used over the years that never disappoint.

While these are just a handful of fun fall traditions that our family has used over the years, I encourage you to create your own. The most amazing part has been coming up with things that our children enjoy and can pass down to their own children. Creating these fun fall traditions has had an impact on all of our children, even as adults, and we are so grateful!