New Episodes of Friends and Heroes Now Streaming!

By Jessica Wolstenholm

New Episodes of Friends and Heroes! 

We just added 13 new episodes of Friends and Heroes to Minno! For families who love the series and are looking to continue the adventure, or for families who are looking to start a new series altogether, here’s everything you need to know about the show below!

About the Series

Friends and Heroes follows 14-year-old friends Macky and Portia as they navigate the ancient Roman Empire as friends of Jesus – fighting for justice with courage and compassion, learning and sharing the stories of the Old and New Testaments, and becoming heroes along the way! Episodes 1-13 are set in Alexandria in 69 AD and episodes 14-26 are set in Jerusalem the following year.


Meet the Characters

Macky is a bright, funny 14-year-old boy that is sometimes courageous and sometimes confused, like any teenager! He loves Jesus and his teachings and dreams of freedom for those oppressed by Roman laws. Macky is joined by Pontius the Parrot, his feathered friend who he turns to often when he needs help.

Portia is a 14-year-old aristocratic Roman girl who has grown up with the best of everything! When she meets Macky, she is drawn to the teachings of Jesus and begins to help others in need. She lives with her cold and ruthless uncle Tiberius, the Roman Governor of Alexandria, as her father is far away with the Roman troops.

What Parents Should Know

Each episode of Friends and Heroes is 25 minutes long and includes two Bible stories. Kids will learn about courage, listening to God, trusting God, caring for others, making a difference, forgiveness, grace, and more! The show was created for elementary-aged kids, but older kids tend to enjoy it as well – making it a favorite among Minno families.


Bible stories in the series include:

·      Noah and the Ark

·      Moses and the Exodus

·      Daniel and the Lions’ Den

·      Samson and Delilah

·      Rahab and the Spies

·      Ruth and Naomi

·      The Good Samaritan

·      Jesus in the Temple

·      Jesus’ Miracles

·      and more!



Activities + More

To take your Friends & Heroes experience off-screen, be sure to download free coloring pages and activities

We hope you enjoy watching Friends and Heroes on Minno! Let us know your favorite characters and episodes. Not a subscriber to Minno? Learn more about the Minno app, the only streaming video service dedicated to Christian kids!