Everything You Need to Know about Halloween

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Halloween can be a divisive topic among Christians. Some families celebrate light-heartedly and use the day as an opportunity to meet neighbors and build relationships, while some families feel led to abstain completely from the holiday. There’s a lot to unpack about Halloween and we’ve pulled together some resources in case you’re still discerning how your family will approach the day.

  • Costume and Candy Kit
    This free download is a fun way to incorporate Minno and our favorite What’s In The Bible? characters into your Halloween or Harvest celebrations. It also includes an All Saint’s Day printable to help your kids think about the other Christians in their lives who have shaped their faith.
  • 4 Ideas to Help Your Family Shine Light on Halloween
    Halloween can be an opportunity to share God’s love with your children and those around you. Heidi Franz shares 4 ways to help your family shine light on Halloween.
  • The History and Meaning of Halloween
    This blog post dives into the history and origins of Halloween and suggests that we can redeem Halloween by being the light of the world amidst the jack-o-lanterns.
  • Voices: How Does Your Family Handle Halloween?     
    In this ‘Voices’ post, we’ve gathered an amazing group of parents and bloggers and asked them to share how they treat Halloween in their families. Read their thoughtful responses.
  • How to Talk to Your Kids About Halloween    
    Halloween doesn’t have to be about glorifying the ugliness of evil. It can be a fun time of fellowship for the whole family–whether that means trunk or treating at your church’s harvest party or trick-or-treating in your own neighborhood with friends, or lovingly handing out snacks to little ballerinas, Obi-Wan’s and assorted clowns. Read more.

3 Halloween Videos on Minno

Watch light-hearted videos about Halloween celebrations from a Christian perspective on Minno.

  1. Davey & Goliath – Halloween Who-Dun-It
    Davey, Goliath, and Sally go on a Halloween adventure where mistaken identities cause hurt feelings.
  2. Whirl: Ada & Friends – Offer Errings
    At the church Halloween party, Victor comes up with a trick to get treats. All the treats!
  3. Whirl: Leo & Friends – Party Supremacy
    When the kids are asked to help with a Halloween Party for the littler kids, Ruby and Gabe know what’s most important: Who’s in charge!