RBG Podcast: Dr. Chinwe Williams on Talking to Kids About Race

Raising Boys and Girls Podcast: Intentional Conversations

with Dr. Chinwé Williams on Talking to Kids About Race

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The Raising Boys & Girls podcast is bringing you Intentional Conversations from parents and experts in the trenches! Join Sissy Goff and David Thomas this week as they chat with child and family therapist, Dr. Chinwé Williams on talking to kids about race.

Note: This episode was slated to air later in 2021 but after the recording, we felt the helpful perspective shared by Dr. Chinwé couldn’t wait! We hope this grace and truth-filled conversation encourages you and your family to make a difference where you can!

Helpful Insights from the Episode


When kids experience racism—directly or indirectly—they begin to believe they are not okay as they are. 

AAP statement on the impact of racism on kids.

Racism happens when a group of people is dehumanized. So how do we humanize people?

That person is a fellow human being. So how should I treat them, advocate for them, and fight for them? 

We can’t have compassion unless we have empathy. Connection builds empathy. 

Parents send subtle but powerful messages to their kids in the way they treat people that do not look like them.

Storytelling is a powerful way to share with kids the positive experiences we’ve had with people of other backgrounds, cultures, and color.

Stories humanize people. Stories draw people in. Stories bring compassion and connection.

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If you live in a community that doesn’t have a lot of diversity, share positive stories and experiences from your life with people of color.

It’s never too late and kids are never too young to expose them to children of different races and backgrounds through stories.

Expose your kids to books and stories about kids of all different races and backgrounds just having fun!

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Books that share diverse stories and characters:

I Am Enough

God’s Very Good Idea



For kids that may feel different:

Happy in Our Skin


To help parents talk about race:

Let’s Talk About Race

Something Happened in Our Town

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Starting conversations about race early with your child (around age 4 or 5) will help them build empathy, kindness, resilience, and compassion. 

When people are hurting it’s hard to know what to say. But it’s important to say something.

When you know better, you do better. Maya Angelou

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Dr. Chinwé’s Guiding Principles as a Parent:

Cherish every moment.

Have fun.

Every day is an opportunity to start over.

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Connect with Dr. Chinwé Williams:


Meaningful Solutions Counseling

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