3 Way to Cultivate a Heart of Worship in Your Kids

By Jessica Wolstenholm

The sights, smells and sounds of spring are all around us. Do you see the daffodils bursting forth from the soil? Do you smell freshly-cut grass or hyacinth filling the air? Do you hear birds chirping and children playing outside? All of these things are beckoning us to slow down and take notice of the beauty emerging in our world.

If your children like to help you in the garden, you might have them help you select the plants or seeds, prepare the soil, sprinkle in fertilizer, water and then watch for results.

One of my passions is creating an optimal environment for elementary-aged children to worship on Sunday mornings. Songs are chosen, scripture verses are read and the Holy Spirit is invited in. It’s a very special time for children to connect with God.

You can help your child prepare the soil of their heart for worship by considering these 3 suggestions:


    • Just as the soil is prepped to receive plants or seeds, our hearts should be prepared for worship. How? Help them understand that worship is not the time to misbehave. Not only does that distract others from being able to worship, it draws attention away from God to ourselves. During worship, it is wrong to be the center of attention when we’re trying to worship God. It’s all about Him.


    • When discussing their Sunday morning worship experience, ask, “What part of worship did you connect with most today – the music, the songs, a prayer, a story?” Take the conversation deeper by discovering what seeds were planted in their hearts.


    • Seeds and plants need water to have a healthy outcome. Help them respond to worship with a poem, a prayer, or a piece of artwork in a worship response journal. Encourage the journal as a tool to help them see God at work in their lives.

This time of year is not only great for growing plants but for helping your children cultivate a worshipful heart. The results will be life-changing!

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Kathie Phillips serves as the Director of Children’s Ministry at Central Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, Maryland. She and her husband, Lance, are parents to two teenagers, Daniel and Kennedy. Kathie shares practical tips and inspiration for kidmin leaders on her blog, KidMinspiration.com.