Minno’s Christian Books Help Kids Grow in Faith

By Jennifer Thorson


Not a day goes by in my house where many, many questions do not get asked. Some of these are questions that are easy to answer, like, “Can we get an elephant and keep him in the backyard?”

Um, no. Other questions are not so simple to answer.

Questions like, “Why is God here all the time?” “What does Heaven look like?” and “How can Jesus really be with us?” can cause me to pause and do some hard thinking.

After all, I know these things are true: God is ever-present, Heaven is a beautiful place, and Jesus is with us always. But explaining that to younger children can be a challenge.

It helps to have tools to teach our children Biblical truths in a creative way when we feel stuck. That’s why we like to use Minno books at our house! All of the different book series have engaging ways of teaching our kids about who God is and what He has done for us, as well as life lessons taken straight from Scripture!


Christian Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Minno’s Clive and Ian board books are perfect for toddlers on up to 5-year-olds (they are also excellent for beginning readers to read out loud to you!). Clive and Ian, characters from the popular Minno video series, What’s In The Bible? cover the basics of creation, how God made them, the world, animals, and night and day. The illustrations are really colorful, Clive and Ian are funny, and the stories address questions about faith that kids often ask. These books make great presents for little ones too!


Christian Picture Books for Elementary Age Kids

For age 5 on up to 8, there is the Buck Denver picture book series (there are three books out now and one more planned for the fall). What my 5 and 8-year-olds especially love about these books is that they relate a common struggle that kids have to how the Bible deals with that same subject. Most importantly, these books point kids to Jesus at the end of the story, making Him the hero, not the child. Their favorite so far is Buck Denver’s Giant Robot Suit!

Covering common topics and struggles for kids in the preschool and early elementary age is super important because kids are developing their independent thinking skills and asking a lot of questions. Their worldview is forming. Showing kids how the Bible relates to their everyday life and reinforcing the truth that Jesus is our helper, redeemer, and rescuer encourages them to value God’s Word and desire to read it themselves.


Christian Activity Books for Kids

We also love to take the Old and New Testament coloring books to church! The perforated pages are great and markers don’t seem to bleed through the heavy-duty paper. Each coloring book (one Old Testament, one New Testament) includes over 60 coloring pages that feature a story or verse from the Bible. You can literally color your way through the Bible with these fun books!

If your kids are already watching Minno or What’s in the Bible? videos, these books tie in nicely with the various topics the series covers. However, you don’t have to be familiar with the shows to appreciate the books!

It gives me a lot of peace of mind to know that when I’m reading the Minno books with my children they are internalizing truth about God’s Word and who He is and that the topic is being explained in a biblically accurate way.


Bonus Family Connection

Reading together can lead to more questions that we can discuss. The Minno board and picture books include a bonus family connection with several discussion questions you can use to continue the conversation and learning opportunity. Because we’ve just read through the story together, it helps me think of what to say and not be as stumped by the question like I often was before!

I hope these books are helpful to you too as you teach your kids to love Jesus and God’s Word! You can find them all in the Minno shop.

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Minno’s popular show, Micah’s Super Vlog is now a book series for kids, age 8 and up! If your older readers enjoy Diary of Wimpy Kid or 13 Story Treehouse books, they are going to LOVE this fun series of stories that follow Micah and his friends on epic adventures. Your kids will be mesmerized by these fast-paced, highly illustrated tales and you can feel great about putting these books into the hands of your kids because each story is wrapped in a solid lesson about faith and character.