Christian Books for Middle-Grade Readers

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My third-grade son loves to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid and 13 Story Treehouse books. I’ve always been a fan of highly-illustrated books, especially for reluctant readers. For students overwhelmed by the sight of hundreds of words on a page, series like these in the high-low reading category provide high engagement but low reading level requirements. They are a great bridge for hesitant readers . . . that is unless they become a dead end.

My bright son began reading these books in the first grade. Fast forward to where we are now and my once voracious reader shudders at the sight of a page full of words. While his reading level should point him towards the Chronicles of Narnia or the best of Chris Grabenstein (my absolute favorite), he just won’t read them. So my husband and I are working to retrain his literary palette to embrace books with deeper narratives, interesting characters, and important themes. We were encouraged this summer when he read the very first Micah’s Super Vlog book without much prodding.

The Importance of Words for Middle-Grade Readers

According to the Renaissance® Annual study of K-12 Student Reading Habits, students who read more words on average were more likely to hit benchmarks in reading and comprehension. 

It goes without saying that the more pictures you have in a book, the fewer words there are. Of course, that’s all relative and varies from book to book but on average, highly-illustrated series like those mentioned above range from 9,000 to 20,000 words while a Chris Grabenstein title, for example, is typically 35,000 to 50,000 words.

That’s a big difference for a child. Especially a reluctant reader.

What About Positive, Real-Life Role Models and Christian Themes in Middle-Grade Books?

With a passion to create redemptive, growth-oriented books that meet Middle-Grade readers right where they are, we developed the Micah’s Super Vlog book series. Born out of the popular animated show, these Christian middle-grade books follow 5th grade Micah and his friends on epic adventures. Each book ranges from 25,000 to 30,000+ words and includes highly-illustrated storylines that offer lessons in faith and character. 

These fast-paced tales are mesmerizing for readers and parents can feel great about putting these books into the hands of their kids because each story is wrapped in a solid Christ-focused lesson (without being too preachy or churchy).

Book 1: Micah’s Got Talent? and Book 2: The Big Fail came out earlier this summer. Our two new titles are also available now!

Micah’s Super Vlog books offer the perfect balance of great storylines with important themes and amazing illustrations that will keep both reluctant and enthusiastic readers engaged. 

Micah’s Super Vlog Book Series

Age Range: 8-12
Reading Level: Grade 4
Page Count: 240


Book 3: To Sketch a Thief

In the third book of the Micah’s Super Vlog series based on the popular animated web show, Micah and his friends learn the importance of honesty and of believing the best about each other.

When Armin’s sketchbook, Lydia’s lunch, and Micah’s shoes go missing at school, will the gang turn against each other before discovering the truth?

Accusations fly and friendships are put on the line. Faced with the struggle, can Micah and his friends learn to believe the best about each other, and work together to uncover who (or what) is really to blame?


Book 4: Just Chill

In the fourth book of the Micah’s Super Vlog series, Micah and his friends learn about identity and what it means to be compassionate.

There’s a new kid in school. Will Micah give him a chance before writing him off?

Tre is cool but there seems to be more going on than meets the eye. Micah intends to find out what this guy is all about. When he discovers the new kid really does have a secret, will Micah accept Tre for who he is or continue to avoid him?

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