5 Ideas For Celebrating Grandparents Day When You Can’t Be Together

By Editorial Team


Grandparents Day is just around the corner and it may sneak up on you with all of the busyness of going back to school (whatever that looks like for you) and adjusting to another month in the midst of a pandemic! This year, we thought all of this would be behind us but here we are, still dealing with masks and social distancing—which often affects our connection with the older loved ones in our families.

We know the love and influence passed down from one generation to the next is powerful. So we want to help you honor your child’s grandparents this month, even if you can’t be together. If celebrating Grandparents Day is not as simple for you because of estrangement or loss, we pray that God would bring you comfort and wisdom, revealing how to navigate difficult relationships.

“Wisdom is with the aged, and understanding in length of days.” Proverbs 12:12 ESV

5 Ideas For Celebrating Grandparents Day When You Can’t Be Together

1. Schedule a Special Zoom Call.

Maybe you’ve already been meeting virtually with the grands throughout the pandemic. So make your next call super special by having the kids plan to put on a simple show or read a poem or letter they’ve written. It doesn’t have to be much but think of ways to make your Grandparents Day connection just a little bit sweeter in honor of your loved ones.

2. Record a Video Greeting.

Send the grandparents a virtual message from the kids. This is definitely not a new idea but maybe you can add a little something new to your video greeting! A poem the kids wrote, a quick art show of their latest creations . . . use your imaginations and let the kids come up with ideas on how to send a virtual hug to their loved ones this Grandparents Day!

3. Create a Social Media Memories Montage.

Look through your feed and photos and pick a few of your favorites of the kids with their grandparents (before COVID when they could be together). Put them together in a slide show or collage to share via text or on Facebook.

4. Schedule a Time of Virtual Prayer and/or Communion.

Early on in quarantine, around the Easter season, we scheduled a family Zoom call to partake in communion together (we called it, Zoommunion). My dad led us in the sacrament and prayer and I know it meant the world to him to lead us even though we were apart. This is a wonderful way to honor the generational leadership in your family. If your child’s grandparents aren’t believers or do not feel comfortable leading a time like this, ask if you could simply share prayer requests via Zoom or a phone call so the kids could be praying for them.

5. Send a Special Grandparents Day Card.

Download and print our Grandparents Day fill-in-the-blank pages and let your kids write and draw a special note to their grandmas and grandpas. Send them in the mail or take a photo and share via text message.

No matter what your situation this year, we pray you can honor the life and legacy of the grandparents in your family.



Download your Grandparents Day Fill in the Blank Printables