All Saints Day – Free Printable

By Jessica Wolstenholm

All Saints’ Day is the time in the Church’s liturgical year where we remember the saints – all of the Christians who surround us and those who have already passed away and are in Heaven. The holiday began in the 4th century as a holy feast celebrated on November 1st. People would gather to honor Christians who had given their lives to serve the Church.

As All Saints’ Day approaches, we pause to think about brothers and sisters in Christ who have influenced us and also who have gone before us. We are inspired by their faithfulness and obedience to God. What can we learn from Christians throughout history and how can they inspire us to serve God and His people more faithfully?

Take a look at three people who helped advance the Gospel and the Kingdom of God. Katharine Drexel was an American woman who gave up her family fortune to live for God and support minorities across the country. Read more about her inspiring story, then learn about Ambrose, a 4th century bishop who is credited with introducing communal singing in church services. Francis of Assisi is a humble man who wrote one of our favorite prayers, the Prayer for Peace.

We have created a printable for your family to help you think about the people in your own life who have taught you about God. Download it here, fill it out, and then let those people know you are thankful for them!