8 Shows for Kids about Overcoming Fear

By Melanie Rainer


Have fear and anxiety ramped up in your home during safer-at-home orders, canceled school, and scary news stories about living through a global pandemic? 

Scripture tells us over and over to not fear and to trust God, but kids are concrete thinkers and can struggle to regulate their emotions, especially out-of-control fear that they often don’t even know how to explain. Stories open the door for abstract ideas (like “do not fear”) to become tangible through the experiences of characters, and Minno is full of shows that do just that!

We believe stories have the ability to transform us and to teach us. As fear takes center stage in the world, flip on any of these shows to engage your kids in transformational and encouraging stories about what God says about fear and how He meets us in our anxiety with His perfect peace

Parents, watch these shows with your kids! Ask your kids to explain what they think key characters were feeling at different points in the story. This engages both empathy and emotional vocabulary, two critical emotional milestones that can help kids develop a healthy response to fear and anxiety.

Here are 8 shows about facing your fear with God’s help on Minno:

Shows about Overcoming Fear for Preschool/Early Elementary

Scaredy Car: Auto-B-Good

Johnny and his friends have all kinds of adventures in the city of Auto, but in this episode, the car Miles becomes afraid of almost everything after an accident! 

Gigi Goes Camping: Gigi, God’s Little Princess

Princess Gigi goes camping with her family and encounters some scary new things! But she learns that God will always protect her. 

The Butterfly: Owlegories 

The delightful kids of Owlegories are afraid of bugs! But they have an amazing lesson to learn about overcoming fear and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. 

Courageous Scaredy Cat: Ryan Defrates Secret Agent

Ryan and his mom overcome their fear to defeat a clown who steals toys from kids all over town! 

Where’s God When I’m Scared?: VeggieTales

Junior Asparagus feels a lot of fear after he watches a scary movie! He learns about God’s power over fear in the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den … and the classic song “God is bigger than the boogeyman!” 

Shows about Overcoming Fear for Older Elementary

Dr. Fear’s Almost Perfectly Disastrous Day: Bibleman

This episode of Bibleman features the story of Jesus calming the storm (Mark 4), which is the perfect encouragement for the kids at Whispering Pines Christian Camp who experience fear about … well, everything! 

Friends, Romans, and Mystery Men: Friends and Heroes 

Macky tells the story about Jesus stopping the storm to the children in the home where he is enslaved, and the children are calmed during a big, scary storm. 

Faith: The Wind: Iesodo

This retelling of Jesus calming the storm from Mark 5 features Iesodo the dove rescuing his friends who are trapped at sea. 

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