8 Kid-Friendly Questions to Ask at the Thanksgiving Table (besides “What are you thankful for?”)

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving dinner

Try as I might, I’ve yet to get my kids (ages 10 and 7) to think beyond the norm when it comes to counting their blessings.

“What are you thankful for?” I ask as I hand them a paper leaf and a pen to record their gratitude on our Thanksgiving tree. We’ve been keeping this tradition for five years now so the branch that sits in the middle of our table is donned with lots of colorful foliage that says. . .

My bed
My friends
My family
My toys

Sound familiar? The struggle is real to get kids to think beyond the material and the immediate, especially when it comes to gratitude. And while I’m thankful my kids are thankful for their people and their things, I’m on a mission to get them to go deeper this (and every) year. One way we’ll be attempting to count our blessings, and in the process find the bright side of some not-so-bright moments we’ve experienced this year, is to ask each other these questions at our Thanksgiving table and throughout the season.

8 Kid-Friendly Questions to Ask at the Thanksgiving Table (besides, “What are you thankful for?”):

1. What new friendship has grown in your life this year?

2. What challenge are you facing that will help you grow?

3. How has working hard (with God’s help) paid off this year?

4. What new experience (whether scary or exciting) did you get to have this year?

5. What unexpected blessing was given to you?

6. What is one new thing you learned this year?

7. What friendship has challenged you to think differently or get out of your comfort zone?

8. How did God help you this year in a way you weren’t expecting?

If your kiddos are young, keep on praising them for finding gratitude in the little things. But as they grow, you can stretch their hearts to discover thanksgiving in every area of their lives. Start with these questions (rephrase them if you need to) and learn how to find gratitude in your relationships, opportunities, challenges, blessings, and experiences.

We have so much to be thankful for!