7 Ways to Include Faith-Building In Your Summer Routine

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Faith-building doesn’t have to go by the wayside during those carefree summer months. In fact, summer offers amazing opportunities to grow our families in faith. It just takes a little creativity and a bit of intention! If you are looking to connect your kids to God this season, try these seven simple ways to include faith-building in your summer routine.

Ways to Add Faith-Building to Your Summer Routine

1. Watch Minno 5 Minute Family Devotionals – These quick, video family devotionals are perfect for summer! You can watch them in the car on a road trip using the Minno app or at the end of dinner each night. They fit easily into your busy schedule because they are super simple and quick! But they are full of amazing Bible stories and thought-provoking questions you can continue discussing for days.

2. Do a Seasonal Devotional – Find a summer devotional or watch Minno Church at Home (we’ve got a great Fruit of the Spirit series that’s perfect for summer) and do the family discussion guide together. Commit to finding time each week (it doesn’t have to be daily) to watch and learn together. (There’s even a Minno 5 Minute Family Devotional series to go along with this Fruit of the Spirit study!)

3. Go on a Virtual Adventure! – Choose a country or region of the world and study its history, culture, and people. Commit to pray for the country and research ways you can support mission work there. This activity will not only teach kids about a new place, but it will also open their minds to a bigger worldview which is a big part of living out our faith.

4. Find a Simple Summer Bible Reading Plan – Join our Wow & Wonder Summer by downloading the scrapbook which includes activities and corresponding BIble stories to read together. Or you can use a plan like this one or create your own! Remember, it’s not about how much you read (especially with kids) but more about the time you spend digging into the Word and gaining an understanding of how to apply it to your life.

5. Make It Part of the Fun! – Look for fun Bible teaching games like this Pool Noodle Memory Verse activity to make faith-building a normal part of your summer fun. These ideas work well on a rainy day when you are stuck indoors. There are a ton of fun games like this one online (do a Pinterest search¬†and you’ll discover so many options).

6. Watch Movies – Plan a family movie night! After you watch the film, spend time talking about it as a family and look for faith moments in the story. There is usually a way to filter a story through a God-lens. If it isn’t obvious, find ways to point discussions about character and life lessons back to God. This is a skill that will help kids find God in everyday experiences throughout their lifetime.

7. Explore Creation – You’re probably already spending lots of time outside this season. So why not tie your outdoor activities back to creation and the Creator?! You can do this very simply by initiating conversations with your kids (no matter how young or old), asking questions about God’s indescribable power which is evident all around. Start with the ideas in this post about exploring God’s creation.

We can turn even the most mundane moments into faith-building opportunities when we set our hearts on growing together through every season. We pray your family experiences beautiful fruit in your lives this summer!