5 Thanksgiving Recipes for Kids

By Melanie Rainer


Whether your kids are budding culinary talents or connoisseurs of a chicken-nugget-only diet, Thanksgiving offers abundant opportunity to spend some quality time together in the kitchen! From sneaking bites of cookie dough to kneading fresh bread to warming up frozen peas in the microwave, kiddos (and parents!) of all culinary levels will find a good fit in our round-up of the 5 best Thanksgiving recipes for kids. 


1. Fruit Cornucopias from Kirbie’s Cravings

Could these be any cuter? Or easier? Even the tiniest chefs will have a blast stuffing ice cream cones with fruit. Perfect for a healthy snack while you wait for the turkey to finish cooking! 


2. Allergen-Friendly Sunbutter Buckeyes from Super Healthy Kids

We’ll be honest, you had us at buckeyes … a holiday classic! But when we saw that these buckeyes were allergen-free, we had to share. Whip these up with your kiddos, nut-sensitivies or no! 


3. Parmesan Herb Bubble Bread from Half Hour Meals 

We love fresh homemade bread as much as the next family, but let’s be real … those frozen yeast rolls (you know the ones) are a Thanksgiving favorite! Here’s a really fun twist on the classic yeast roll that you can definitely get the kids involved in. Roll the thawed dough around in a mix of herbs and cheese for a fun and easy twist on a classic! 


4. Acorn “Cookies” from Poppy Talk

No one will judge if you snack a “few” (or a lot!) of these while you’re running around cooking all day. These adorable no-bake “cookies” – made with a chocolate kiss, a mini nilla wafer and a smidge of nut butter – look super easy for kids to put together, and super easy to eat more than you should! 


5. Roasted Domino Potatoes from Bon Appetit

Perfect for kids who like puzzles and arranging, these domino potatoes require more prep work from an adult, but the result will be so impressive! 


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