13 New Episodes of Friends and Heroes Now Streaming

By Jessica Wolstenholm

This week we’re happy to add the final 13 episodes of Friends & Heroes to Minno! In these episodes, Macky and Portia arrive in Rome to continue fighting justice with courage and compassion – but their fight isn’t without obstacles.

If your family has never watched Friends & Heroes, be sure to start at the beginning! Episodes 1-13 are set in Alexandria in 69 AD, Episodes 14-26 are set in Jerusalem in 70 AD, and the latest episodes are set in Rome in 71 AD. Not only does every episode follow Macky and Portia’s journey, but each episode also features two Bible stories! Given the nature of Macky and Portia’s adventures, the series may be scary for your littlest ones, but your elementary-aged kids will love learning what it was like to live in the years just after Jesus came.

Below you’ll find a listing of all 13 new episodes added to Minno as well as the Bible stories covered in each one. To take the fun off-screen, be sure to download this coloring pack with characters and scenes from the latest episodes! Check out some of the preview clips and watch the full episodes on Minno – your first week is free!

Episode 27 – Gladiator School – Bible Stories: Amos speaks out (Amos 7:10-17) and John the Baptist (Luke 3:1-16, 21-22).


Episode 28 – School’s Out – Bible Stories: Bible Stories: David and Three Soldiers (2 Samuel 23:13-17) and Jesus Speaks in Nazareth (Luke 4:14-24, 28-30).

Episode 29 – Friends, Romans, and Mystery Men – Bible Stories: Jesus Calms the Storm (Mark 4:35-41) and David and Jonathan (1 Samuel 18:5-9; 20)

Episode 30 – Sowing the Seeds – Bible Stories: David and Mephibosheth (2 Samuel 4:4; 5:1-3; 9), the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:1-9), and the House built on Rock (Matthew 7:24-29).

Episode 31 – Senators Only – Bible Stories: Abraham and Three Strangers (Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7) and Jesus and Zacchaeus the Tax Collector (Luke 19:1-10).

Episode 32 – Senators First – Bible Stories: Joseph and Pharaoh’s Dreams (Genesis 40:1-8; 41:1-44) and Jesus Raises Jairus’s Daughter (Luke 8:40-56).

Episode 33 – Rome Alone – Bible Stories: Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52) and Samuel Anoints Saul (1 Samuel 9; 10:1-16).

Episode 34 – Give and Take – Bible Stories –  Elijah and the Poor Widow (1 Kings 17:1-16) and the Parable of the Lost Sheep (Matthew 18:10-14).

Episode 35 – Spies and Lies – Bible Stories: Jesus rides into Jerusalem (Mark 11:1-11), Jesus and the Moneylenders (Mark 11:15-17), and Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man (Mark 2:1-12).

Episode 36 – Conflict – Bible Stories: The Parable of the Tenants in the Vineyard (Mark 12:1-9), Jesus and the Widow’s Offering (Mark 12:41-44), and Jesus and the Roman Tax (Mark 12:13-17).

Episode 37 – Betrayal – Bible Stories: Jesus washes the Disciples’ feet (John 13:2-15), Jesus and the Lepers (Luke 17:11-19), and the Last Supper and Jesus’ Arrest (Mark 14:17-19, 29-46, 53, 66-72).

Episode 38 – Trials and Tribulations – Bible Stories: Jesus Before Pilate (Mark 15:1-15), Jesus Carries His Cross (Mark 15:16-23), and the Crucifixion (Mark 15:24-37).

Episode 39 – The Road Ahead – Bible Stories: Jesus Seen on the Road (Luke 24:13-43), Jesus and the Rich Young Man (Mark 10:17-23), and Moses and the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17).


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