The Assistant


Sir Barry needs a new assistant manager, so he to sets his three best employees a challenge.

The Fancy Party


Sir Barry is holding a big fancy party and Phil has a plan to get him, Brian and Vincent in. Will the plan work?

Mega Designs


Brian, Phil and Vincent set about building Sir Barry a new home but who’s house has the strongest foundation?

The Lost Brian


While out selling wigs Phil and Vincent lose Brian. Sir Barry sets off to find him.

Odd Jobs


Brenda has called in sick so Sir Barry asks Phil, Brian and Vincent to do a few jobs around his mansion.

The Golden Biscuit


Brian, Vincent and Phil go in search of the infamous Golden Biscuit. Will they find the ancient relic?

Brian’s Big Adventure


Brian gives up his job and heads off on a big adventure only to lose everything. Will Sir Barry give him his job back?

Sir Barry’s Birthday


Brian, Phil and Vincent are given the task to organise Sir Barry’s birthday party. Will all go to plan?

Salty Farm


Sir Barry has bought a farm and has entrusted it to Brian, Vincent and Phil. Farming can’t be that difficult, can it?

The Biscuit Machine


To Brian’s dismay, the biscuit machine has been removed from the staff room. Brian, Phil and Vincent protest to try and get it reinstated.

Phil The Unmerciful


Sir Barry wipes out a large debt owed to him by Phil. Will Phil be so kind to Brian?

The Good Employee


Sir Barry hires another assistant but can Brian get over her rather unusual biscuit etiquette?

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